Heading to Picasa Web Albums anytime soon? You’re in for a surprise… 

Google have begun redirecting visitors to Picasa Web Albums to Google+ Photos.

Punching in the traditional picasaweb.google.com URL in to your browser will now automatically divert you to the photos section of Google+.

Whilst there is no initial warning of a diversion, you can “turn off” the redirect by clicking the link in the small notification that appears under the URL bar.

Picasa Web Albums Not Take Your To Google+ Photos
Picasa Web Albums Now Take You To Google+ Photos

Hitting this link will store a cookie on your computer telling your browser that, in the future, you wish to use the original Picasa web albums site and not the Google+ photos page.

Picasa Web was launched by Google back in 2006 as an ancillary service to their desktop Picasa photo management application.

Sadly for Picasa fans this redirect is subtle confirmation of what many had expected: Picasa Web will eventually be replaced by Google+ Photos, and the desktop app by the photos app Pulsar.

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