Notice anything different about the Chrome App Launcher today? Those of you with a keen eye for design might as a swathe of Google apps have been updated with new icons.

Google Drive, Docs and YouTube shortcuts are among those to be updated, following recent updates to Calendar and Google Play Music.

Google has been remaking many of its app icons in the new Material Design language on Android, iOS, Chrome and Chrome OS over the past few months. The Chrome OS file manager was recently updated with a new circular motif, and redesigned icons for the default web camera and games shortcut are pending rollout. 

The New Icons Up Close

Chromie Craig Tumblison has saved me a job put together a slick graphic that shows the new designs alongside the old. Though the changes are minor, with a rounded corner here and a subtle shadow there, the tweaked emblems help bring consistency to Google apps on all platforms.

New app icons in Chrome
Image: Craig Tumblison

Are there any apps left you’re hoping to see updated icons for? Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts.

Google Apps icons material design