CIRC 0.6.6 Running on OS X

Popular Chrome IRC app ‘CIRC’ has been updated, and while the changes on offer are unlikely to change the world, they’ll be warmly welcomed by relay-chat aficionados. 

CIRC 0.6.6 bundles a set of minor fixes and features improvements and, thankfully, makes no repeat of the controversial icon change that riled its users back in May.


Building on the features offered in earlier releases is the following:

  • Drag the user list to resize
  • Own nickname can now auto-complete
  • Logging disabled by default (use /debug to enable)
  • Now possible to set nickname colors
  • Fix: CTCP TIME
  • Multiple mode messages are now parsed correctly
  • New mobile-friendly icons
  • Margin fix for logo

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 20.06.51Install CIRC

We’ve written about CIRC more extensively in the past so if you’re new to the app you should definitely check one of those articles out for a more thorough rundown of its features.

CIRC is a free app available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chrome OS. You can grab it straight from the Chrome Web Store.

CIRC on the Chrome Web Store

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