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Motorola are flogging the Google Chromecast through their online store.

The Google-owned company are offering US customers the opportunity to buy the Google made web streaming dongle for $35 – the same price as it costs pretty much everywhere else.

Convenience aside, this latest choice of reseller doesn’t mean much. A number of America’s leading retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon, already sell the device.

But, if anything, it underlines (in ink however faint) that Motorola is now very much part of the Google fold. It didn’t make the Chromecast, but it sure as hell might as well try and sell it.

Hit the link below to nab one from Motorola direct (international shipping not offered) but keep an eye on BestBuy’s stocks this BlackFriday as they’re offering $5 off the regular retail price.

Buy the Google Chromecast from Motorola

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