Google Calendar

If you haven’t checked in on the official Google Calendar extension for Chrome for a while you’re in for a treat.

Earlier this month Google updated the toolbar add-on with lashings of its Material Design language, giving it some synergy with Android 5.0.

Version 2.0 of the extension, first launched back in 2007, is a simple tool. With a quick click you can view your upcoming events and priorities wherever you are (providing it’s in Chrome, of course!).

When you’re viewing a web page with event details encoded correctly the toolbar button will show an orange plus sign. Click the button and you’ll be able to quickly add a new event to your calendar.


Neat, no?

Other recent changes in the 2.x series includes:

  • Right-click menu on the calendar toolbar icon now has ‘view full calendar’ option
  • 24-hour time setting is now automatically set based on your Google Calendar preferences
  • Option to include or exclude all-day events when “time to next event” badge turned on

Google Calendar for Chrome is a free extension and works just dandy on Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS. Grab it from the Chrome Web Store.

Official Google Calendar Extension on Chrome Web Store

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