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Official Google Calendar Chrome Extension Makes Date With Material Design

If you haven't checked in on the official Google Calendar extension for Chrome for a while you're in for a treat.

19 February 2015

Google Music Finally Enables Browser Uploads through Chrome

Google Music has finally enabled browser-based uploading of files, something Chromebook owners have been holding out for.

26 March 2014

Google Release UK Extended Keyboard Extension for Chromebooks

Google has released an official extension that enables ‘UK extended keyboard’ layout on Chromebooks. Yeah, I know: hardly ‘hold the front page’ news. But for multilingual British Chromebook users it is currently a bit of […]

2 March 2014

The Most Useful Chrome Extensions Made By Google

The growing collection of 'by Google' add-ons can really help enhance the experience of the various websites and services they provide

31 January 2014