The Chromecast button at home in the Pandora app.
The Chromecast button at home in the Pandora app.

The popular music streaming service Pandora has finally hit the Chromecast.

Pandora is the latest service to add support for Google’s content streaming device released in July. Google was reportedly working on Hulu Plus, Pandora, and HBO Go support not long after the device launched – the first of which finally added support earlier this month.

Chromecast integration works the same as with other apps. In the Android phone app, Pandora will show a ‘cast’ button in the volume bar if it detects any Chromecast devices on the network whilst a “station” is active. In the new tablet interface shipping with the updated app, a cast button will be visible when browsing stations as well.

The Chromecast interface is a simple affair, displaying artwork, track information, duration, and a thumbs up or down that’ll update as soon as you register your love or hatred for a track.

The Chromecast interface and new Pandora tablet layout.
The Chromecast interface and new Pandora tablet layout.

For multi-device households, you’re out of luck for the time being. Whether you’re using a single Pandora account or multiple accounts, casting a Pandora station from one device won’t sync across other connected devices. In fact, connecting to the Chromecast will kick off another device casting Pandora.

Though implementing a queueing interface like YouTube’s or Hulu’s doesn’t make much sense for Pandora’s style of endless playlists, syncing play state across devices – the same way the Netflix app does – would let multiple users at least advance to the next track from their own devices without switching to another “station”.

Regardless, Pandora support brings a competitor to Google’s Play Music All Access programme into the fray – albeit a competitor geared toward “music discovery” – and it may only be a matter of time before we see other big names in music streaming adding cast buttons to their apps as well.

Chromecast support for Pandora works with both the Android and iOS app and does not require a paid Pandora One account.

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