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Firefox Is Going To Support Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions will soon be 'largely compatible' with Firefox thanks to a new extensions API, Mozilla has announced. But there are also drawbacks.

21 August 2015

Google Shows Firefox Users How To Get Their Google Back

Firefox's switch to Yahoo as its default search provider has given Google's old rival a small bump in usage — but Google isn't taking that loss lying down.

24 January 2015
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Firefox for Android Can Now Mirror Tabs Over Chromecast

Having spent a few weeks ironing out the kinks, Mozilla today brings 'Tab Mirroring' via Chromecast to all users of Firefox for Android.

2 December 2014
firefox chromecast

Firefox for Android Beta Adds Tab Mirroring for Chromecast

Having recently fitted Firefox for Android out with some nifty video casting features, Mozilla has turned to bringing tab mirroring casting to its browser.

17 October 2014
firefox chromecast

Firefox for Android Now Supports Google Chromecast

Mozilla say Firefox Chromecast support will allow users to send supported videos straight from their mobile device to a Cast-enabled TV.

15 October 2014

Chromecast News Round Up: NPR, WatchABC, Firefox and 1080p Tab Casting

Google's Chromecast is now more than a year old, but the pace of development and support shows no signs of abating.

8 September 2014
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Dev Builds of Firefox for Android Now Have Chromecast Support

The latest nightly builds of Firefox for Android features native support for Google Chromecast, allowing select content to be 'cast' to a big screen TV.

19 August 2014

This Is Mozilla’s Answer to the Google Chromecast

A photo of Mozilla's Firefox OS Google Chromecast rival has been leaked this week, while an early hands-on reveals support for Cast Ready apps like YouTube.

22 June 2014
first gen chromecast

Mozilla Is Adding Chromecast Support to Firefox

Mozilla is working on baking Chromecast support into the mobile version of their Firefox web-browser.

16 May 2014