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Lenovo Unveil ‘Rugged’ Convertible Chromebook for Education

Lenovo has taken the wrapper off of two new Chromebooks, including the first 'convertible' running Chrome OS.

29 January 2014

Lenovo Will Release ‘Multiple Chromebook Models’ This Year

After releasing its first Chromebook, the X131e, just a year ago, Lenovo have announced that they'll be shipping "multiple Chromebook models" this year.

8 January 2014

New Chrome OS Devices for Early 2013 [Updated]

Today, both Acer and Lenovo have announced that they will be releasing new Chrome OS devices within the new few weeks. Lenovo enters this market for the first time with their own Chromebook, while Acer adds a Chromebox to their Chrome OS line-up.

17 January 2013