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Dell Launches $20 Chrome Keyboard in the US

Dell Chromebox Keyboard

Dell Chromebox Keyboard

Dell has started selling a wired, full-sized USB Chrome keyboard on its US store, and intends to make it available for purchase elsewhere in the coming weeks.

The accessory is listed as “designed for” use with Dell’s Chromebook and Chromeboxes but will work with any operating system. Naturally, given the layout and Chrome OS shortcut keys, you’re going to get the most mileage out of it by using it with a Chrome device.

Cheap Chiclet Style

dell cbk with kickstand


The device is powered by a USB port so isn’t quite the cable-free wireless wonder like those offered by ASUS.

But on the plus side it has a large typing surface, chiclet keys and a little kickstand to give you decent height. It’s also full-sized with a number pad, something that Chromebox keyboards do often lack.

If you regularly use your Chromebook in “docked” mode (hooked up to a monitor) or you bought a Chromebox that wasn’t part of a keyboard/mouse bundle deal, this is not just a pretty great buy, it’s pretty much the only buy.

Buy ‘Dell Multimedia Keyboard for Chrome’

Thanks to Neil R!

  • leoheck


  • Matthew Marchese

    When I saw this I thought they had put a Chromebox into a keyboard with USB and power on the back end of it to plug power, monitors and mice into. Wishful thinking for $20 I guess.

    • João Victor Schiavo

      Your comment made my Day.

      • pmug

        It’s called “Black Friday Fever”

    • Bluegrapes

      With these small windows 8 x86 intel atom (baytrail) hdmi sticks Chinese companies are releasing lately it probably won’t be too hard for them to release a intel atom based tiny all in one PC with a case that also works a keyboard.

      • Heimen Stoffels

        Actually, it’s already been done before: http://

  • Roland

    Why not just make it wireless, or just use a Windows one and get extra keys? I’m using a Wireless Windows Keyboard with my Chromebook and get a fully functional caps Lock & delete Key & the Windows Key replaces the search key,not as convenient for using the shortcuts but works just as well.

  • Those key shapes (and the keys on a lot of other Dell keyboards) look suspiciously like the Ubuntu Touch Suru square.

  • Vin

    Now, if we only had a suitably wide IPS screen to go with that keyboard all in a Chromebook….

  • Mi Pen

    Actually a nice idea for me…I have a secondhand US acer c710 chromebook..but am British. So it will quite nice for home use till I can find a replacement UK KB module for my chromebook.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      I don’t think there are different locales in the chrome os keyboard, but I might be wrong

  • Heimen Stoffels

    Not wireless = downer for me.

  • Ben Landvatter

    I really hate it when people say “chicklet keys”. Yep, that’s roughly the profile of them, but I’d kill to know if this is a membrane or scissor switch keyboard.
    If it’s scissor switches I’ll buy two right now. If it’s a membrane board I don’t care in the slightest.

    • Mi Pen

      At $20? My guess would be on membrane switches.

      • Ben Landvatter

        You’re probably right. Shame too, because associating them with Chromebooks (Chromeboxes too I suppose) really makes me think of the great scissor boards on the Chromebooks.

  • JJordan

    Do people really buy 101 key(ish) keyboards anymore? I thought Apple had pretty much stamped out that waste of deskspace (except for accountants). I’ll stick with my Logitech K810 for now.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      If you’re a programmer (like me) a 101-ish keyboard is heaven. Those crap apple things are worthless, especially if you want to do a lot of numerical comparison or math operators.

    • Anonymoused

      Numpad is the best way to enter numbers, especially if you have them in your passwords. As someone who does a touch of data entry with numbers, I’d never be able to live without one. One of the frustrating parts of using my CB is I can’t use it for work/hobby stuff because I can’t enter numbers efficiently.

  • Maxbuntu

    The same old tiny, hard-to-read characters on the keys. Very sad.

  • BKarno

    Got mine, and it’s maybe a touch better than the one that came with the LG Chromebase, but it’s really a pretty poor keyboard. Better to just pick up a cheap Logitech and stick some labels above the F-keys.