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Photos of First ASUS Chromebook Leak Online

The ASUS Chromebook C200

The ASUS Chromebook C200

Photos of an upcoming ASUS Chromebook have been released, showing off the first portable Chrome devices from the Taiwan-based company.

Swedish Google Apps Authorised Reseller Online Partner released (unconfirmed) photos of an ASUS Chromebook with the model number C200 – consistent with information about forthcoming ASUS devices that was revealed back in February.


“All-day” battery life and a larger touchpad touted by ASUS.

The photos show a sleek grey and black Chromebook with the familiar Chrome OS login screen and array of Chrome OS keys. The large sticker over the left palm rest touts “all-day battery life” (though their definition of “all-day” may be suspect), a larger touchpad, “high-quality audio”, and the usual 2 years of free Google Drive storage.

Unfortunately, the pictures don’t reveal much else about what might be chugging away under the surface of the device. Based on the rumours from February, this C200 Chromebook features an 11.6-inch screen, while a (yet to be unveiled) C300 model will purportedly measure 13.3 inches.

Intel Inside

The one bit of information we do know definitively – thanks to the ubiquitous Intel Inside sticker – is who makes the processor.

Could this be the Bay Trail device that showed up in commits late last year with a 1.9GHz Intel Atom E3845 processor and 2GB of RAM? Or one of any Bay Trail Chromebooks yet to drop?

With the C300 still up in the air, ASUS could also be one of the first to jump on board Intel’s recently announced Braswell chip, though the lack of Bay Trail Chromebooks up to now would suggest a backlog of Bay Trails still on their way first.

With ASUS set to enter the Chromebook market at some point this year, we certainly won’t have long to find out.

  • moe

    looks good, hoping for new specs out this years Chromebooks and more innovation as well. Asus transformer that runs chrome + dual boots Android with 4 Gb ram and 64 hardrive and HD screen and to make this all the best if mobile processor make it Snapdragon 800 or Intel Braswell.. What do you guys think?

  • spacey

    Me thinks both probably Celeron (Haswell). The C200 comparable to the Acer C720 and the C300 comparable to Toshibas’ effort. Afterall, it is their first foray in to the world of Chromebooks. Hey but here’s hoping I’m wrong and Asus leap the competition. Credit due either way;)

  • I don’t buy computers with stickers on them. Does that make me a shallow elitist snob? Yeah, maybe. But that’s one of my standards. I’m okay with it, because in general I’m not an eltist person. So for this machine, I’ll have to say, “Next.”

    • MrMiketheripper

      The only sticker I appreciate is the Intel sticker personally.

    • wildnorth

      What does it matter if it has a sticker on it? What am I missing?

      • It makes me think it’s cheap, and not in the good way. I’ve been a Mac user for a long time, and the Windows machines I bought before that never had stickers on them either. Also, I will have to peel them off, and I’ll have to clean the goo. Stickers always leave residue. I just think when I buy a nice machine, I shouldn’t have to peel stickers off it.

      • I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way.

    • bimsebasse

      “Does that make me a shallow elitist snob?”

      No, it makes you strange.

    • Heimen Stoffels

      I know of very little PC manufacturers that don’t put any stickers on their laptops. You can always peel them off, though.

  • wildnorth

    Throw 4 gig of ram, and a decent HD screen on the 11″ model, and I’ll buy it.

    The new 11″ Samsung Chromebook 2 would have won me over if it had the screen specs of the new 13″ model. As it is my current (last generation Samsung) has a horrid screen. I have to wait to see if the new 11″ Samsung has a better screen than last gen……but (all things being the same) I’ll take the Intel processor in the Asus over the Samsung processor any day.

  • Na7noo7

    Hope it has 4GB RAM.

  • Cyryl

    Atom no thank’s :P

    • why is that? The recent Baytrail generation is as fast as the Core i ULV from 2.5 years ago!

      • Cyryl

        Maybe so, but disgust remained:P
        I had to now test the processor to see again.
        This is a 4 core processor?

        • ta2025

          All you have to do it check the ratings and you would know that that the new baytrail atoms are nothing like the previous generation atoms.

          • Cyryl

            Currently I am using Acer C720 processor performance and I’m happy.

            If I have the opportunity to test new atoms

    • ta2025

      The new Atoms are very good mobile processors. This thing isn’t supposed to compete with i7s!

  • Denis

    I could take my Asus S200 and put Chromium inside it :D

    • calden74

      Yes, but it will not have any multimedia codecs or Flash.

  • ben

    Interesting but still trying to find out when/ if there is going to be a more wider release of the asus chromebox. Asus telling me they dont know and pointing towards each other. Anyone from Europe here who has seen more info on this?

    • calden74

      Yes, there was an Asus rep at Digitec showing off their ChromeBox, he said the ChromeBook will be released in May, with a LTE model to follow shortly after.

  • maevian

    the screen will make or breake this device for me

  • lol2050

    been waiting for the Asus Chromebooks ….13″ please :)

  • Sam

    Looks like a blatant Macbook ripoff, typical of Asus -.-

    • ta2025

      ALL new ultrabooks look like this. I can never understand why people get indignant when someone makes an aluminum rectangle with rounded corners and they scream that its a Ripoff of Apple? So, all gray or aluminum notebooks with rounded corners are automatically “off limits”? How petty is that?

  • calden74

    If it looks goods why does it matter, I think your just complaining to complain, no one cares or at least anyone who would be interested in a Asus Chromebook.

    • Danny McVey

      Isn’t it funny how worked up people get over defending their favorite tech brands?