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Rockchip Is Working On a New ARM Chrome OS Device

Chinese chip maker's technology referenced in recent code commit


Could a new ARM Chromebooks be on the way?

Might an all new ARM based Chrome OS device be in the offing? Based on a recent commit made to the Chromium source code, yes. 

Reference to a development board based on Chinese chip maker Rockchip‘s RK3288 processor appeared in the code repository for Chromium over the weekend.

The board, which has the code name “Veyron“,  features a quad-core ARM Cortex A17 chip running at 1.8GHz and comes paired with beefy Mali-T746 graphics powerful enough to output to a 4K display. 

In short: it’s a bit of a beast.

Rock and chips

Not every development board lodged in the Chrome repo goes on to become a retail device, but the vast majority do. Add in the fact that Rockchip last month made a public demonstration of Chromium OS running on this exact same chipset and…well, I’ll let you join the dots.

Rockchip would become the second chip maker to offer ARM processors for Chrome devices. Current ARM-based models, including the HP Chromebook 11 and Samsung Chromebook 2, use Exynos chips that are both developed and made by Samsung.

But might we see this chip used in something more notable than ‘just another’ Chromebook? Could this CPU be used to power the first wave of ARM-based all-in-one PCs and Chromeboxes? The anticipated Chrome OS tablet? How about a Chrome-based set-top box?

For now we just don’t know. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for more details. In the mean time you can view Rockchip’s ChromiumOS demo in the video player below.

  • Shriram Bhat

    A set-top box? highly unikely.i would like the chome os tablet,though:D

    • The Chromecast is, essentially, a ‘set-top box’.

      • I could see them having a Chromecast and a Chrome TV. The Chrome TV being the Google TV replacement.

  • Mobile_Dom

    an ARM Chromebox would be pretty cool, but more ARM laptops would make me happy, the recent updates to the beta channel did wonders for my XE303

    • I’ve read a lot of folks saying recent updates added some pep to the Exynos. I’m on dev and can’t say I’ve noticed anything drastic =

      • Mobile_Dom

        really? how odd, my trackpad became noticable smoother is scrolling heavier sites like the Verge, battery life actually jumped a teensy bit andeverything just seems a bit tighter overall

  • Sean Lumly

    Slight correction: the GPU is a Mali T760 MP4 (not T764), which mean’s that it’s a 4-core variant of the most recent Mail T760 GPU (which can scale as high as 16 cores). The guy in the video mentions this around the 2:20 mark.

    Off topic: but if GFXBench is any guide, the 4-core Mali T760 will perform about as well as the 6-core Mail T628. It seems like impressive performance, but without other details its very hard to gauge how it compares to other solutions in perf/watt and perf/mm2.

    • Sean Lumly

      This is a follow up to my post above. I was incorrect. The Mali T760 MP4 can in fact be referred to as the Mali T764. This has been confirmed by ARM employees.

  • Andrew Loiacono

    How does this chip compare to the tegra k1 and the new qualcomm offerings?

  • Rockchip getting into this is always a good new soft the industry to have a better cost reduction. NoviSign android digital signage got a great boost by using the MK devices witch are ARM Rockchip Mali-400 GPU with good performance at attractive pricing

  • Satomi Murano

    wow this tempts me into the world of chromebooks , ive heard that mediatek’s stuff are performance .