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Which Chromebook Do You Own? [Reader Poll]

With rumours of ever-more Chromebooks making their way to market it’s easy to forget that there are already a bunch available.

It’s almost been 2 years since the first Chromebooks – the Samsung Series 5 and Acer AC700 – went on sale. Prior to that Google gifted a prototype Chromebook to a raft of willing testers across America in the shape of the CR-48.


The Chromebook only truly hit success last year. The over-priced but competently-powered Samsung Series 550 was a fine showcase Chrome OS and its new ‘Aura’ desktop.

But true – and unexpected – popularity came with its follow up – the Samsung Series 3 (later renamed ‘Samsung Chromebook‘, a change as if to underline the true starting point of the Chromebook era). The combination of mobile hardware, slim and light form-factor, and incredibly cheap price made it an instant hit.

Even today it sits as the ‘best selling’ laptop on

The most recent Chromebook is the premium-grade, eye-wateringly-expensive Google Chromebook Pixel.

What Chromebook do you own, or have owned?

  • Brian Ober

    Just curious which of these are fanless, that’s one of the best features of the ARM version.

    • shadowguy14

      The Pixel is fanless, that’s it.

      • nezhac

        Please do research before answering stupidly, the samsung chromebook (ARM) is also fanless

        • shadowguy14

          Um, I know the ARM is fanless as I have one, and “Brian” already knows that.

      • Kyle Morrison

        I have to disagree as a Pixel owner there are fans, just no “conventional” vents. They are built into the piano hinge, this keeps its noise to a minimum but there are fans.

  • Kevin Ngo

    The Samsung Chromebook is great. I can’t believe something so sleek and light could be so affordable.

  • Dragonbite

    None of the above. I still use my Cr-48 from Google.

    • brewmaster

      Which is probably why Google CR-48 is one of the choices. DERP!

  • Chris Wright

    What, nobody can own more than two chromebooks?

    I have three in my household, but I only technically own two of them.

  • Trevor Kramer

    In addition to my Samsung Chromebook (ARM) I also have a Samsung Chromebox, but apparently that doesn’t count

    • It would if this was a general ‘what chrome os devices do you own’ poll, but it’s specifically about Chromebooks, not Chromeboxes.

  • The Lenovo one, if I could.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Wow! Does anyone have that HP Chromebook?

    • Blaine Popp

      I would have have one if they would sell it in Canada !

  • shadowguy14

    I’m not that surprised the Series 3 is is the best up there. I’m not “loving” it, but I do like it more than my Dell Latitude E6400.

  • Poll limits to 2 models, boo.

  • Lee Bywater

    Chock me up to the Acer C7. Use it as a big streaming device to my tv so I wanted the 350GB HD

  • dtigue

    Not only do I have an Acer C7 (1st edition), but I also received a free Cr48 from Google. I was one of the first to receive one. Now I have a Pixel on it’s way. Should be here this week. :)

  • Elratauru

    Love from the ARM Chromebook <3

  • I’ve got to give credit to Google for not giving up on the Chromebook, and instead investing effort to improve the devices. And now Asus is reportedly going to jump on the bandwagon as well.

    That being said, not everyone is willing or able to give up on their Windows applications. But there are solutions to overcome that obstacle. For example, Ericom AccessNow is an HTML5 RDP client that enables Chromebook users to securely connect to any RDP host, including Terminal Server and VDI virtual desktops, and run their applications and desktops in a browser.

    AccessNow does not require any client to be installed on the Chromebook, as you only need the HTML5-compatible browser. So this fits the Chromebook model of simplicity and ease of use.

    Check out this link for more info:

    Yes, I do work for Ericom

  • CR-48 Represent! Too bad it’s kinda slow for today’s CrOS.

  • I made my own from my ASUS X501A laptop….splendid!

  • J Karle

    This was an informative post, thank you. I have recently purchased an Acer C7 and you can read about my transition from a “normal” computer to it here :

  • Jim

    Why wasn’t there an option for “I also have an i5 Chromebox which I picked up for $125 on Craigslist.” :-)

    • Slightly jealous at that bargain!

      But there’s not an option for that because it’s a post/poll about Chromebooks as opposed to Chromeboxes.

      We could do a poll on the latter, but since they sold incredibly poorly, and there are only what, 2 or 3 options?, it might be a bit dull ;)

  • Santi Achinelli

    Why was there only two options? I had to leave out my CR-48 in favor of my S3 and C7.

  • Lou G

    I own the Series 5 and the Chromebook (the ‘arm based on.’ )

  • Anon Yser

    unfortunately i don’t own a chromebook, but i am planning on getting one in the near future

  • Chronos.hun

    How many have voted? Can we have that info also?

  • I bought the Acer c7 (first version with 2GB of RAM with 3/12 hours of battery life). Though, I usually get 5 hours, 31 minutes with w-fi on, brightness turned 75% up, NOT using my wireless mouse and with headphones plugged in.

    I’ve always been a Google/Apple fan. My poor Mac Mini (totally my fault) I had set on my cable box which I thought was OFF, I went to a friends house just for the night and when I came back I went to turn it on and didn’t work. After hours of scouring Google search results and none of the suggestions working, I realized he overheated and died :(

    I needed a quick, cheap replacement computer that did NOT run Windows and would be reliable. I had heard of Chromebooks and Chrome OS before, but thought they weren’t advanced enough for what I needed. Then I tried one out at Best Buy, and it worked so well. They are still CRAP for video editing (what I used my Mac Mini for), but that is my only gripe. They are fast, efficient, never slow down very much, the boot time is FASTER then advertised.

    I went with the Acer c7 in particular because 1.) The price 2.)The pretty spacious hard drive 3.) The design was reminiscent of Macbooks 4.) I liked the form factor just a wee bit more then the Samsung one Best Buy was also selling.

    Some criticized the idea of a cloud based computer having so much local storage. But I find it QUITE handy. Since I do not have access to my Mac Mini (so as such, no access to my iTunes Library – 3,500+ songs – which are luckily all on Google Play) But the spacious HDD allows me to keep building my collection with public domain songs from Internet Archive, space for downloading videos that the publisher on Vimeo allows for download, etc. So once I buy my new Mac (unless Chrome OS evolves to the point where local apps that require no internet connection are on par with their contemporaries – say, an iMovie HD type app for Chrome OS) I can hook up my 1TB external HDD and add the files on there and get them all synched up with my iTunes library.

    It’s also handy for uploading my pictures to my account, then downloading them to my Chromebook for later use, light editing, posting to social media sites etc. I do this with the video I take as well, because a 32GB iPod Touch can get filled up pretty fast when you take several five minute videos a day!

    What I am most looking forward too is trying out Remote Desktop. I love the idea that after I buy my new Mac mini, I can connect to it with my Chromebook (if Remote Desktop works the way I imagine – sort of like the Remote Play with a PSP and PS3) and control it from wherever I want in my home, or, presumably, anywhere I have a wi-fi connection if my computer is left on. (don’t worry, no more on top of a hot cable box.)

    If you are on the fence, I recommend you buy one. Need a second computer? Perfect. Need a computer for the kids that won’t be TOO much of a loss if they break it? Perfect. Need a computer for when guests come over? Perfect. Need a computer that is light and fast for checking your social networks, e-mail, getting directions, anything that can be done online, in a VERY fast way – a Chromebook is for you. I would definitely recommend browsing through the Chrome Web Store to check out the selection of apps (not ALL are compatible with Chrome OS – keep that in mind) to see what the selection is like. Besides editing video effectively, a Chromebook suits all my needs almost perfectly.

    The few things it needs are markers on the Web Store to dictate whether an app works with Chrome OS or not, enhanced native apps (more rolling out everyday), a way to upload music to Google Play Music (makes no sense you can’t) and a way to download movies from Google Play Movies for use offline when you have no data connection. Those are small gripes when you consider Chrome OS is a constantly evolving work in process that is getting better and better by the day. Google releasing some type of native app that is decently powerful enough to edit HD video, or at least an app to record HD video from the webcam would be greatly appreciated, and it at the top of my list.

  • Dennis Toll

    There are actually two versions of the HP Pavilion out there, the more common is the 14-c010us with 2GB RAM. The harder-to-find version is the 14-c025us, which I am currently using. It has 4GB RAM. I have never had a slow-down issue with the extra memory, and I really like the 14″ widescreen and larger keyboard. This has become my everyday machine.

  • Kenny Strawn

    Have had an AC700-1099 since December 2011… still suiting me well.

  • macpro

    Been using the Samesung Chromebook since May 2013. Best basic laptop anyone can get for the price.

  • Boothy

    What about the chromebox on the list?

    I have the Samsung Chromebook and the C’Box

  • Hell Yeah

    I have the Samsung Chromebook 3G and I love it.
    Definitely one of the best laptops out there, imo.

  • Rickey Shortt

    Asus Chromebox, and I love it. However, I find myself wanting a Chromebook too! Probably eventually an Acer C720 or Asus C200, or maybe a Dell.

  • maggiechoi2

    how can I know which series of chromebook I have?