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So, I Totally Forgot How Amazing Chromebooks Are

Why did no one tell me that ChromeOS was this good?!

6 September 2016

Chromebook OEMs: It’s Time To Drop The Confusing Model Names

Dear Chrome OS Team, OEMs, Google marketing folk, and whomever else this may concern…

26 May 2016

How Good Is Chrome’s Bandwidth Saving Feature on Android and iOS? Help Us Find Out

The latest stable release of Google Chrome on Android and iOS features a new feature to ‘reduce data usage’ – but how good can it really be? Google claim that, when enabled, the ‘data compression […]

21 January 2014

Three Common Chromebook Myths Debunked

Whenever coverage of a Chromebook appears online you can bet your bottom dollar some someone, somewhere will pipe up to repeat well-worn fallacies about their usefulness.

16 January 2014

Price Holds Key To LG Chromebase PC Success

It's the big question: can the LG Chromebase PC match the phenomenal success of Chromebooks? It can, but it depends on price.

13 January 2014

Thoughts from Google I/O 2013

In this editorial, I will give you my thoughts on this year's event.

19 May 2013

[Updated] Google I/O 2013 – What To Expect

Its that time of year again! Google's main developers event in San Francisco, Google I/O, which is in its 6th year. But what can we expect from I/O 2013?

10 May 2013
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Important: RSS Feed Change

Ahead of the launch of a Chrome extension and Android app for the site we’re also having to make a change to our RSS feed. If you currently subscribe to us via you will […]

29 April 2013

Two Weeks With A Chromebook

After spending two weeks abroad with a Chromebook as my sole computer, did Chrome OS prove to be an impressive and productive platform?

15 April 2013