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YouTube to Get Tighter Google Integration

YouTube, one of the most-visited video content sites in the world will soon be receiving a makeover, complete with a Google bar.

For many months now, Google have been experimenting with different user interface designs/layouts for YouTube, and rolling them out to a select number of users .i.e. guinea pigs.

There is a common theme in these designs, and that is that they resemble Google+, a lot:

Google's YouTube Experiment in September

YouTube Experiment in September

Whilst looking at my stream on Google+ this morning, +Chand Hamal Thakuri had posted that an even more recent experimental design change for YouTube had rolled out to him.

What is really great about this version is that the video sharing site now sports a Google bar at the top, making YouTube more consistent with Google’s other products and services, and they are bound to get a lot more traffic due to this change.

Google's YouTube Experiment in October

This is what Google is playing with now, complete with a Google bar!

As well as tigher Google+ integration, you will see a new video counter for your subscriptions on the left-hand side, which I can imagine will be very useful.

Profile pictures/avatars will now appear next to users comments, making the system feel less cold. The thumbs up/down buttons look a little different also.

There are a plethora of new/refreshed features and UI refinements and it looks like Google seems to be almost ready with the new-look, and hopefully will be rolling out to everyone soon.

What do you think of the new look? Do you prefer this or the current design?

  • Joel dos Santos Almeida

    I think is great. Youtube will be easier to access after this update.

  • Zs –

    I liked the “Show uploads only” option on the old design. This new wants to make a social site from Youtube, however, I don’t care if someone posts, likes, saves to playlist etc… These notifiactions flood my feed with spam and I have to change every subscription from “suscribe to everything” to “uploads only” one by one. Note that when I subscribed to a channel ages ago there was no “subscribe only to new uploads”, this “subscribe to everything” stuff is new.

  • ojdon

    Always hated how YouTube has stuck out like a sore thumb… Bring on the update!

  • AngusPearson

    Bring it on! It has been a long time coming anyways.

  • I like it! it’s about time.

  • Israel Lai


  • Harry0m

    To intergrate Youtube with Google+, try this link & click ‘Begin using my full name on YouTube’

  • Been playing with this new interface for a few days – and I can safely say it’s gorgeous, slick, and easier to use.

    Use it with the HTML5 test tube and YouTube flies along!

    (I do miss the Share button at the top of the screen next to notifications though, but it’s not really a big deal.)

    • Alfredo Hernández

      I miss it too, actually I don’t know why the right top area is so much different from other services.

  • Ryan Plant

    The only problem is, is that the top bar will get really annoying. Especially when you try to think of YouTube as a different site all together & not part of Google.

    • Rui Araújo

      But Youtube is part of Google. The black bar is handy, it’s about time they included it.

    • Knowles2

      Youtube is apart of Google and I think Youtube fans have had long enough to get use to the fact that Google owns the site.

      I am surprise they have kept it so far apart from Google other properties for so long.

  • Eric Stephenson

    I love the update its nice!!!

  • MaitreyaVyas

    Great. Finally they are doing it!!!!!