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Which Google Chrome Channel Do You Use and Why?

Which Google Chrome Channel do you use as your main browser on the desktop? That's the question we're asking you in our latest poll.

7 March 2014

Experimental Chromecast Support Added to Chrome for Android Beta

The latest beta build of Google Chrome for Android includes experimental support for Chromecast.

4 March 2014

Hands Free Voice Search Lands In Latest Google Chrome Beta

Google has pushed out the latest beta version of its Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux, and there's one new feature in particular that's worth talking about.

27 February 2014

Google Chrome for Android 33 Released, Minor Fixes Onboard

Keep an eye out for the latest update to Google Chrome for Android, rolling out to the Play Store in the next few days.

26 February 2014
Chrome First Aid

Browser First Aid: Fixes for Five Common Problems in Chrome

When you next run into a problem with Chrome – be it restoring tab or fixing a corrupt profile – one of the following simple tips could help you out.

24 February 2014

Google Now Arrives in Google Chrome Beta

Google Now support is rolling out to users on the Chrome Beta channel, ahead of its arrival in Chrome 33 Stable later next month.

4 February 2014

Never Miss an E-Mail Again With Gmail’s Desktop Notification Feature

I live in Gmail. I sort of have to if I want to keep up with contacts, vet the latest Chrome OS commits, follow up on bug reports, and ensure that a beady eye is kept on the handy tips you folks send in every day.

2 February 2014

Chrome for iPhone and iPad Adds Bandwidth Saving Feature, New Tab Page Design

iPhone and iPad users can now take advantage of Google Chrome's bandwidth compression feature.

31 January 2014

Aura Re-Enabled in Latest Chrome Linux Dev Release

Aura has been re-enabled by default on the latest Google Chrome development release for Linux.

29 January 2014

Keep Accidentally Closing Chrome In OS X? This Built-In Feature Is There To Help

Fed up of accidentally quitting Chrome on OS X using the Cmd+Q shortcut? Mac builds of the browser offer a built-in 'exit guard' that is worth enabling.

28 January 2014

How Good Is Chrome’s Bandwidth Saving Feature on Android and iOS? Help Us Find Out

The latest stable release of Google Chrome on Android and iOS features a new feature to ‘reduce data usage’ – but how good can it really be? Google claim that, when enabled, the ‘data compression […]

21 January 2014

Can’t Find ‘Windows 8 Mode’ in Google Chrome? Here’s Why

Can't find the option to launch Google Chrome in Windows 8 mode? There may be a reason for that...

20 January 2014