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New Canary Feature Prevents Chrome from Quitting When Apps Are Running on Mac

Chrome Apps are great, but if there is one drawback to using them on Windows and Mac OS X it's that they quit when Chrome does.

10 May 2014

Enable Android-Style YouTube Multitasking in Chrome

A new Google Chrome extension brings picture-in-picture playback to YouTube on the web — a feature popularised by the official Android and iOS applications for the streaming site.

8 May 2014

Chrome Gains a ‘Bing’ New Tab Page — Courtesy of Microsoft

An improved Bing search experience is coming to Google Chrome — and it's all thanks to Microsoft.

4 May 2014

Chrome 34 Rolling Out on iOS with New First-Run Tour

Fire up the App Store, Google has released Chrome 34 for iPhone and iPad.

1 May 2014

Chrome Canary Offers Mac Users ‘Off’ Switch for Notification Centre

Mac users will soon be able to hide the Chrome Notification Centre icon from the OS X menu bar.

25 April 2014

Google Chrome Marketshare on the Desktop in March 2014

As we head towards the end of another month analytics companies will be preparing their latest sets of browser share statistics; but, first, a recap of March figures.

21 April 2014

Chrome for Android Beta 35 Adds Tab Undo, Multi-Window Mode Support

Google pushed out an update to the beta channel of Chrome on Android late last week, adding two features in particular that many will find particularly awesome.

13 April 2014

Google Chrome 34 Arrives With Responsive Image Support

Google has announced the release of Chrome 34, the latest stable update to its popular web browser for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

9 April 2014

Chrome Apps Can Now Respond to Keyboard Shortcuts When Browser Not in Focus

When the shiny new mini-media player app for Google Music launched one feature was notably absent: media key support. In order to skip a track, pause playback or stop music entirely one had to hunt […]

3 April 2014

Google Music Finally Enables Browser Uploads through Chrome

Google Music has finally enabled browser-based uploading of files, something Chromebook owners have been holding out for.

26 March 2014

Google To ‘Investigate’ Bringing Chrome to Windows Phone

Google Chrome could soon be available to install on Windows Phone smartphones, with a Chromium developer being appointed to 'investigate' a potential port.

25 March 2014

Google Now for Chrome Coming to A Desktop Near You This Week

Google Now notifications will roll out to all users of Google Chrome over the coming weeks, Google has announced.

24 March 2014