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How Google Is Making Chrome for Mac Less of a Battery Hog

Google Chrome’s power management problems in OS X are far from subtle, with some stats showing it reduces battery life by as much as 3 hours versus Safari. The one-time lightweight browser has become weighty around the edges […]

15 June 2015

How to Use Skype for Web in Google Chrome

Skype for Web (beta) is now available to try without an invite, providing you're in the US or the UK that is.

5 June 2015

How Google Will Make Flash Content Load Smarter in Chrome

Google has detailed the first of several power management improvements heading to Chrome.

5 June 2015

Chrome’s New Video Renderer Aims to Play 4K Videos Smoothly

If you long to able to stream 4K video smoothly on your Android device or desktop PC, Google Chrome hears ya’. The Chrome Dev Channel on Android and Canary Channel on Windows and Mac OS X, are […]

15 May 2015

Google’s Plan to Protect Mac Users from Rogue Chrome Extensions

Mac users are to be better protected against malicious Chrome extensions, Google has announced.

13 May 2015
an old windows computer

Google Chrome Extends Windows XP Support Until End of 2015

Google has announced that it is extending its support period for Chrome on Windows XP until the end of the year, eight months more than it originally intended.

16 April 2015

How to Disable Chrome Notifications on Mac and Windows

Don't like the Chrome notifications toasts? Want to hide the 'bell icon' it shows in the system tray? We show you how to disable both.

15 April 2015

The Weirdest Chrome for Mac Bug Ever Is Now Fixed

One of the weirdest Chrome bugs to be unearthed for a while, in which a 13-character string of text would crash the browser on a Mac, has been fixed.

24 March 2015

Chrome for iOS Brings ‘Answers in Suggest’

It's now far quicker to find out the weather of a location, the stocks for a company, or answers to common questions, like how old a celebrity is, in Google Chrome for iOS.

16 March 2015

Chrome for Android Adds Pull to Refresh, Beta Gains Background Notifications

Google Chrome for Android has been updated, adding a handy new 'pull to refresh' action and gaining a fresh batch of always welcome bug fixes and security improvements.

12 March 2015
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Google Chrome Will Stop Supporting Android 4.0 From April

Chrome for Android is to stop supporting Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' from April and the release of Chrome 42, Google has announced.

3 March 2015

How To Get Organised With the Chrome Apps Page

Chances are you're already familiar with the way the Chrome Apps page works, but it's not just a static grid of icons and shortcuts.

31 January 2015