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Chrome for Android Gains ‘Pull To Refresh’, UI Tweaks In Latest Beta

A new version of Google Chrome Beta for Android is now live on the Play Store, bumping the browser to version 41.0.2272.34. It’s an incremental update that adds one notable new feature (see below), a refreshed ‘material design’ settings […]

29 January 2015

How to Remove the Apps Button from Chrome Bookmark Bar

With the Chrome App Launcher available on all desktops, including Windows, you may want to hide the Chrome Apps button from the bookmarks bar in Chrome — but how?

27 January 2015

How to Use WhatsApp on a PC Using Chrome

Popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now available on the PC using a web browser, news sure to delight the thumbs of 600 million active users everywhere.

21 January 2015
Google Chrome for iOS

Chrome for iOS Gains Material Design, Handoff, iPhone 6 Tweaks

A new version of Chrome for iOS is now rolling out to iPhones and iPads through the App Store — and there are major new changes in tow.

20 January 2015

Google’s Latest Patent is for an Automatic Incognito Mode

Google has been granted a new patent that could allow private browsing to kick in automatically based on what a user is browsing, without needing to turn it on manually.

15 January 2015

Chrome Web Apps Will Soon Behave Like Native Apps on Mac

The latest developer channel release of Google Chrome for Mac features some much needed improvements to the way 'Hosted Apps' run and integrate with OS X.

7 January 2015

Is This The Chrome New Tab Page You Were Expecting?

The Chrome New Tab Page is the one part of the browser we all see multiple times a day. That makes any sudden change to its appearance not only noticeable but highly frustrating.

23 December 2014

Google On Track to Purge NPAPI Plugins from Chrome, Most Users Won’t Notice

The end is nigh for NPAPI plugins in Chrome, as Google this week confirms it is on track to remove support for the antiquated plugin format from its browser by next year.  As drastic as the deprecation of a plugin […]

25 November 2014

Google Chrome Beta Adds Profile Lock, New Tab Suggestions

Google Chrome 40 has hit the beta channel for Windows, Linux and Mac users, bringing some of the latest feature improvements to a wider audience for testing.

21 November 2014

Google Chrome Beta Rolls Out Enhanced Bookmarks Manager

The latest update to Chrome Beta brings with it more than the usual batch of bug fixes. Say hello to an 'easier, prettier' way to add and manage your bookmarks.

20 November 2014

Google Chrome for Mac Is Now 64-bit Only

Google Chrome for Mac is now 64-bit only, a move that will lead to better performance, security and general stability of the browser in OS X from here on in.

19 November 2014

Google Drive and Chrome Now Work Together In The Most Awesome Way

In a marriage of the ultimate convenience, Google Drive and Google Chrome are to work together in the most crazily productive way ever. And it's going to blow your socks off.

7 November 2014