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The latest news on Chrome, Chromium and Chrome OS.

How to Use Skype for Web in Google Chrome

Skype for Web (beta) is now available to try without an invite, providing you're in the US or the UK that is.

5 June 2015

How Google Will Make Flash Content Load Smarter in Chrome

Google has detailed the first of several power management improvements heading to Chrome.

5 June 2015

This is Mac OS X Running on a Chromebook

If you dream of being able to install Mac OS X on a Chromebook it is time to open your eyes. Someone has done it. In another case of “because why not?”, developer ‘Coolstar’ has […]

2 June 2015

MediaTek Chromebook Seen at Computex 2015

Brand new Chromebooks powered by Mediatek’s ARM processors are on the way. Back in January the chip maker revealed that it’s new Helio X10 chip already supports Chrome OS. At the Computex 2015 trade-show, MediaTek detailed […]

1 June 2015

Currently New Tab Page Extension Adds New Themes as In-App Purchases

Currently, the minimal new tab page extension for Google Chrome, has been quietly improving its feature set over the past few weeks.

30 May 2015

Google+ Photos Chrome App Will Stop Working In July

The Google+ Photos Chrome app will stop working from July, Google has announced.

29 May 2015

Rovio Kills Angry Birds for Chrome (Updated)

Angry Birds' fans are spitting feathers after the web version of the game was yanked offline.

24 May 2015

Chrome for Android Is Now ‘Almost Entirely Open Source’

Chrome for Android is now largely open source after a drop of more than 100,000 lines of code, including the browser's UI, lands in the Chromium repo.

22 May 2015

Skype Rival Viber Is Now Available on Chromebooks

Good news for chatterboxes everywhere as Viber is now available to install on a Chromebook. The Skype competitor brings its Android tablet app to the Chrome Web Store, making it freely available to install on compatible Chrome OS devices. […]

21 May 2015

Over 7 Million Chromebooks Will Be Sold This Year

Chromebooks had a bumper 2014 — and now they're set for an even better 2015, sales forecasters say.

21 May 2015

Windows Phone Fans Renew Plea for Google Chrome

Windows Phone fans have renewed their plea for Google to bring Chrome to Microsoft's mobile platform.

19 May 2015

Chrome for Android Dev Channel (Finally) Arrives

Google has launched a new dev channel version of Chrome for Android, letting mobile users test Chrome's bleeding edge changes for the first time.

30 April 2015