The latest development builds of Google Chrome are sporting a very minor, but very whizzy new easter egg.

As highlighted by François Beaufort, the Chrome logo in the browser’s ‘About’ page now animates when double-clicked. Because why not, right?

The feature was even committed to Chrome’s codebase under the title of ‘add important animation to Chrome logo‘.

Try it Out

If you’re rocking out with the latest dev builds of Google Chrome on Windows, Mac or Linux, or running the latest dev builds of Chrome OS, you can try it out yourself.

Head to Settings > About and double click/tap on the Chrome logo to watch it spin. Yep; that’s all it does. It doesn’t spit out glitter, turn into a dinosaur or solve world peace; it just spins.

It’s not the only easter egg to have been tucked away in Chrome. The ‘Network Error’ page was updated with a hidden (and highly addictive) ‘endless runner’ game featuring the ‘Lonely T-Rex’ character.

Google Chrome easter eggs