When the Chromebox was unveiled earlier this year the pretty promo pictures showed off the device with a mouse and custom-Chrome keyboard set. 

The custom Chrome keyboard took a while to materialise, but the mouse has taken even longer to wriggle out of its hiding place…

Samsung Chrome Mouse

Samsung Mouse

Unlike the Samsung Chrome Keyboard the mouse – product number AA-SM3PCPB/E – isn’t anything special: it’s a box standard wired mouse.

No special buttons or Chrome OS functions are built in, so unless you’re adamant about recreating the promo images on your desktop there is little reason to buy it.

And to reiterate again: it’s wired. 

The mouse is costs $14.99 through the Samsung website. A UK eBay seller is also flogging them for a not-so-pretty £14.99 + 4.99 P+P.

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Thanks to Chrome OS Fanatic

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