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Acer Chromebook 13 Touch Edition Goes on Sale This Month

Attention may be focused on Acer’s upcoming 15.6-inch Chromebook wave, but its smaller 13-inch line of Tegra-based devices is also seeing some love.  Alongside the announcement of the new “Acer Chromebook 15” series of notebooks came word […]

4 January 2015

Nvidia Go Hands-On With Acer Chromebook 13 in New Video

Nvidia has posted a video hands-on with the new Acer Chromebook 13, which was officially unveiled yesterday.

12 August 2014
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The One That Changes Everything: Meet the $279 Acer Chromebook 13

When we heard that Nvidia and Acer were teaming up to work on something special we were excited — but we had no idea it would be this special.

11 August 2014

Acer Debuts New Bay Trail, Nvidia Tegra Chromebooks

They've been teased, trailed and talked about for some time, but today Acer formally confirmed the existence of two brand new Chromebooks and, more surprisingly, its very first Chromebox.

17 July 2014

Powerful New Tegra K1 Acer Chromebook Leaks Online

acer chromebookWith a 13.3-inch screen and svelte white form factor, you could be forgiven for thinking that the device shown above is just another run of the mill Chromebook. However, you'd be mistaken.

22 June 2014