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Google Chrome 26 Released With Better Spell Checking, Desktop User Profile Access

Google has just released the latest stable update to Chrome, version 26, adding in spell checker improvements, desktop shortcuts for multiple users profiles and support for Asynchronous DNS resolver.

26 March 2013

Chrome, Android to ‘Remain Separate for a Very Long Time’ Says Google

Here's a heartbreaker: Android and Chrome won't be getting together any-time soon, says Google's Eric Schmidt.

21 March 2013

Bug Fix Update released for Chrome for iOS

A bug fix update for Chrome is being pushed out to iOS devices today.

12 March 2013

Flash Player Update lands in Chrome 25

The Chrome team have just pushed out a new version of Adobe Flash Player and several stability improvements for the stable channel of Chrome.

12 March 2013

[Video] Chrome is Everywhere

In the past year, Google Chrome has been made available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows 8 tablets. Chrome is now everywhere!

12 March 2013

Official: Google Now Coming To Chrome

Rumours have been circling since December that Google Now is coming to Chrome. Today's Chromium update has pushed Google Now to Chrome.

12 March 2013

Chrome beaten at the Pwn2Own 2013 Hackfest

Vulnerability has been found in Chrome during this year's Pwn2Own event, Google have released an update within hours to patch the exploit.

8 March 2013

Chrome for iOS hits Version 25

Chrome for iOS is the latest platform to get version 25, with new omnibox searching and further iOS integration.

4 March 2013

Security Fixes land in Chrome 25

Plenty of security fixes, but still no fix for HTML5 localstorage.

4 March 2013

[How To] Install the Google+ Photos App ‘Pulsar’

If you’re any kind of Chromie fanboy worth his pixels, you have probably already come across the new Google+ Photos App, ‘Pulsar’. But have you tried it yet?

4 March 2013

Flaw in HTML5 Allows Gigabytes of Data to be Downloaded

Gigabytes of data could be downloaded to a user's computer due to a vulnerability in the HMTML5 LocalStorage API.

2 March 2013

Chrome for Android finally hits 25!

Chrome for Android has been very far behind its desktop and iOS cousins, it has been left on version 18 since its launch early last year. Today, Chrome for Android finally is on par. Chrome […]

27 February 2013