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Achievement Unlocked: New APIs Will Lead to More Multiplayer Chromecast Games

A new Chromecast didn’t emerge on stage at Google I/O 2015 but details of new features did.  New Chromecast APIs will make it easier for games developers on Android, iOS and the web to add interactive multiplayer support […]

29 May 2015

8 New Games Arrive on Chromecast In Time For Holiday Season

The long winter evenings are about to get a lot more fun, with Google announcing a swathe of new gaming titles now available for Chromecast.

12 November 2014

This Kickstarter Wants to Turn the Chromecast into a Games Console

Could the Chromecast become a vibrant gaming platform? If a group of British software developers get their way, it just might. It's time to meet Buzzb.

28 September 2014