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Thinking of Buying A Nexus 5? Here’s A Real Life Review

Google recently released its 5th foray into the smartphone space with the Nexus 5 - but what's it like? In this post I share my experience with it so far.

18 November 2013

Recap: Google Announces Nexus 5, Android 4.4 KitKat

Google announced KitKat, the next version of their mobile operating system Android, along with a flagship device for it – the Nexus 5 – at a press event on Thursday.

2 November 2013

Thinking of Buying A Nexus 10? Here’s A Real Life Review

Google's flagship tablet device was plagued by a myriad of problems at launch. But, now that the bug fixing 4.2.2 release of Android has gone out, has it got any better?

18 March 2013
Best Buy Banners for Chrome

Google Continues its Marketing Push for Chromebooks

Google continues its marketing push for Chromebooks over the popular shopping weekend, with new "For Everyone" banners at Best Buy stores across America.

24 November 2012

Working With Chrome on the Nexus 7

Chrome is pre-installed on Google's impressive new 7" Jelly Bean tablet and it does not disappoint. If you are wondering how well Chrome works with the recently released Nexus 7, we've got the low-down inside...

16 August 2012