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Google Is Finally Cracking Down on Data-Harvesting Chrome Extensions

Google is to finally tackle the pervasive use of data-harvesting by Chrome extensions. From July, the search giant will require all add-ons on the Chrome Web Store that collect user data in the background to ask you for your explicit permission […]

17 April 2016

Google’s Latest Patent is for an Automatic Incognito Mode

Google has been granted a new patent that could allow private browsing to kick in automatically based on what a user is browsing, without needing to turn it on manually.

15 January 2015

Busted! Simple Trick Scares Chromecast Thief Into Returning Stolen Dongle

An alleged Chromecast thief was left spitting popcorn when the dongle's original owner tracked it down and 'cast' a scary warning to it, asking for its return.

15 December 2014

Google Chrome Beta Adds Profile Lock, New Tab Suggestions

Google Chrome 40 has hit the beta channel for Windows, Linux and Mac users, bringing some of the latest feature improvements to a wider audience for testing.

21 November 2014

Proximity Based “Easy Unlock” Now Working for Some Chrome OS, Android L Users

Using Android L on a modern handset? Got a Chromebook running the latest dev or beta channel release? If so, you may find Chrome OS's new "Easy Unlock" feature waiting for you to try.

21 October 2014

Chrome Devs Adding ‘Revoke App Permissions’ Feature

Chrome users could soon be given greater control over what apps can do on their computers, as developers work on a 'Revoke Additional Permissions' feature.

9 October 2014

Is ‘Awesome Screenshot’ Add-On Doing Something Unawesome In The Background?

Despite the fun name, Awesome Screenshot is doing something decidedly unawesome in the background: harvesting your browsing data.

22 August 2014
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Chrome Now Protects Against ‘Deceptive’ Software Downloads

Google is to begin blocking downloads of 'deceptive' and 'tricky' software in Chrome as part of its responsibility to protect users from malware.

15 August 2014

How To Lock Your Chrome Session When Sharing Your Laptop

If you're on the hunt for a safer way to share your computer while protecting your privacy, this neat new Chrome feature is worth checking out.

16 July 2014