chrome lock
Stay Safe, Yo.

Google Chrome 40 has hit the beta channel for Windows, Linux and Mac users, bringing some of the latest feature improvements to a wider audience for testing.

Among the changes Google lists for the release are the introduction of Profile Lock, allowing sign-in profiles to be “child locked” and a new crash recovery UI. 

Another new feature, ‘New Tab Page Suggestions’, “tries to determine sites you’d like to visit depending on the time and day”.

That is as much as Google is saying about the latter feature for now. The Chrome beta logs available don’t yield anything extra on it, either. One can only assume that the change applies to the ordering of the ‘Most Visited’ site tiles on the New Tab Page, with tracking metrics used to surface certain sites in the grid at certain times.

Beta channel user? You’ll be updated automatically to this release in the next day or so. Those interested in hopping aboard the new-features-early train can do so via this link. 

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