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Chrome’s New ‘Hosted App’ Window Controls Ready for Testing

Hosted Apps are about to get some natty new window control elements in Chrome and Chrome OS, including in-window connection info and basic navigation.

23 December 2014

Hosted Apps on Chrome OS Will Soon Look Like This

Google is working on a new look for 'Hosted Apps' in Chrome OS, one that puts navigational controls directly into the window frame.

15 August 2014

Chrome OS Drops Transparent App Window Borders, But Will Anyone Notice?

If you're on the beta or dev channels of Chrome OS then you might have noticed a less than transparent visual change: window headers for certain applications are no longer translucent.

21 March 2014

Chrome OS To Ditch App ‘Close’ Button?

The Chrome team are once again toying with ideas to improve window controls in Chrome OS.

9 April 2013