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Chrome beaten at the Pwn2Own 2013 Hackfest

Vulnerability has been found in Chrome during this year's Pwn2Own event, Google have released an update within hours to patch the exploit.

8 March 2013

Chrome for iOS hits Version 25

Chrome for iOS is the latest platform to get version 25, with new omnibox searching and further iOS integration.

4 March 2013

Security Fixes land in Chrome 25

Plenty of security fixes, but still no fix for HTML5 localstorage.

4 March 2013

User-Agent Switcher Extension for Chrome

No need to turn to Internet Explorer to access IE-only websites - do it in Chrome using this handy add-on...

2 March 2013

Hola Unblocker for Chrome Lets You Access Blocked Sites, Watch Blocked Content

Hola Unblocker is a Chrome extension which bypasses country-specific blocks on streaming sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, letting you watch what you want from wherever you want.

2 March 2013

Flaw in HTML5 Allows Gigabytes of Data to be Downloaded

Gigabytes of data could be downloaded to a user's computer due to a vulnerability in the HMTML5 LocalStorage API.

2 March 2013

Chrome for Android finally hits 25!

Chrome for Android has been very far behind its desktop and iOS cousins, it has been left on version 18 since its launch early last year. Today, Chrome for Android finally is on par. Chrome […]

27 February 2013

Its Pixel Perfect! But Is It Right for The Market?

Will the latest Chromebook device succeed? Or is the Pixel destined to go the way of the Nexus Q? In this editorial, will dive into the pixel.

23 February 2013

Chrome OS 25 Released

Google have just pushed out a new version of their operating system Chrome device. Version 25 brings a host of desktop improvements and multi-monitor support. The stand out feature with this release is support for […]

23 February 2013

Chromebook Pixel: Full Spec Sheet

With the Chromebook Pixel’s official launch yesterday, we finally have the completed specs of Google’s halo device. Screen 12.85″ display with a 3:2 aspect ratio 2560 x 1700 at 239 PPI 400 nit screen brightness 178° […]

22 February 2013

It’s Official! Chromebook Pixel, Google’s first Chromebook.

It has been rumoured for many weeks. Leaked advert, touchscreen features added to Chrome OS and code directly referencing the “Link” device. Today, Google has finally released the Chromebook Pixel, Google’s first Chromebook.  Chromebooks have […]

21 February 2013

Google Chrome hits 25

Google has released the latest stable release of Chrome, version 25. This release boasts support for the Web Speech API and improved extensions security. The major new feature to Google Chrome is support for the Web […]

21 February 2013