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The latest news and top tips on Google’s powerful HDMI media streaming stick.

‘HBO GO’ Makes Appearance in Chromecast Apps Page

Rumoured since the launch of the device, HBO Go has recently appeared on one of Google's Chromecast pages.

15 November 2013

Music Streaming Service Pandora Adds Chromecast Support

Pandora is the latest service to add support for Google's content streaming device.

31 October 2013

Amazon To Honour Non-US Chromecast Orders – But Warranty Will Be Void

Amazon has clarified the situation regarding international availability of Google's Chromecast device.

10 October 2013

Chromecast Adds Hulu Plus Support

Hulu have updated their Android and iOS apps to support Google's Chromecast content streaming device.

2 October 2013

AirCast Streams Local Videos to Your Chromecast

The AirCast Android app brings local content from Dropbox, Google Drive, and your phone to the Chromecast.

19 August 2013

Amazon Underestimates Chromecast Demand, Forecasts 2-3 Month Delay For Orders

Amazon appear to have woefully under-estimated customer demand for Google's $35 streaming device 'Chromecast', delaying existing orders by 2-3 months.

8 August 2013

First Update for Chromecast now Available, Beta & Dev Channels

The first Chromecast update is pushing out to devices from today, Beta and Dev Channels are also now available for users wanting the bleeding edge.

1 August 2013

Chromecast Hacked To Run Gameboy Emulator

Someone with a calendar to hand tell me if it’s been a week since Google’s magical streaming device Chromecast was released. It hasn’t? Fantastic. Yes, despite the Chromecast having been available for less than a […]

29 July 2013

Hands On With The Google Chromecast

The $35 Chromecast sold out in the Play Store, Amazon, and Best Buy in only a matter of hours. As the response from these eager early adopters trickles in, we go hands on to give you a glimpse at what works and what could use another layer of polish.

28 July 2013

Google Releases Chromecast Android App

Google have released the Chromecast Android App to the Play Store for setting up and configuring all the Chromecast devices in your home.

25 July 2013

Official Chromecast Browser Extension Hits Chrome Web Store

Google's official extension for enabling Chrome browser content to be streamed to a Chromecast-enabled TV has been added to the Chrome Web Store.

24 July 2013

Google Launches $35 ‘Chromecast’ – HDMI Dongle For Streaming Content from Chrome to TV

A low-cost device that enables content to be streamed wirelessly from a tablet, phone or PC straight to a TV has been unveiled by Google. The ‘Chromecast’ device allow any devices running Chrome or a Chromecast-enabled […]

24 July 2013