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Rumor: Google+ Photos To Become Separate, Standalone Service

Is 'Google+ Photos' is to be made into a standalone product free of any requirement to use Google's social networking service? That what some sources are claiming.

2 August 2014

Is a Dirt Cheap MediaTek Chromebook on the Way?

Could a new, dirt cheap ARM-powered Chromebook be in development? Based on a recent code drop to Chromium by MediaTek, it could well be.

13 July 2014

Reversible Type-C USB Ports To Feature in New Chromebooks?

Recent commits to the Chromium source code appear to show that Chrome developers are experimenting with support for the new reversible USB spec.

6 July 2014

What’s In Store for Google Chrome at I/O 2014?

It's June which means that the collective attention of the internet is now deeply focused on trying to predict what Google will reveal at the annual I/O developer conference.

24 June 2014

Leaked Android ‘L’ Images Show New Look Google Chrome

A pair of screenshots alleged to be taken from Android 'L', the next major release of Google's mobile operating system, have surfaced online.

24 June 2014
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Rockchip Is Working On a New ARM Chrome OS Device

Might an all new ARM based Chrome OS device be in the offing? Based on a recent commit made to the Chromium source code, yes.

21 May 2014

Google, Intel To Hold Joint ‘Chrome OS’ Press Event Next Week

Google and Intel are to hold a press event next week to highlight their latest collaboration involving Chrome OS — but precisely what remains unknown.

1 May 2014

Meet The SlateBook, a 14-inch Android Laptop from HP

Chrome OS could be about to face some competition from its bigger brother Android, based on the discovery of a promotional video for a new laptop from HP.

28 April 2014

Will Acer’s April Product Event Reveal a Chrome OS Tablet?

Is Acer to announce a Chrome OS tablet? Their upcoming press event on April 29 will see the company reveal more under the slogan 'A Touch More Connected'.

31 March 2014

Rumour: Chromecast Launches In Australia May 7

If you're living down under you'll want to circle May 7 on your calendar — this is the date when the Google Chromecast is set to hit Australia.

26 March 2014

Samsung, HP To Launch All-In-One Chrome PCs This Year?

Digitimes, the oracle of technology future, has spoken: more all-in-one Chrome OS PCs are on the way, this time from Samsung and HP.

14 March 2014

Leather-Clad Samsung Chromebook 2 On The Way

Is a leather-clad Samsung Chromebook in the offing? Based on a recently leaked image from a reliable source, the answer is a firm "yes".

2 March 2014