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Microsoft Planning To Create ‘Bingbook’ Rival to Chrome OS?

Microsoft is reportedly experimenting with a free version of Windows 8.1 called 'Windows 8.1 with Bing'.

28 February 2014

ASUS Chromebooks Confirmed, But Are They Using Intel Bay Trail?

It's no secret that ASUS plan to enter the Chromebook market this year. In fact, we've reported on it several times. What is secret is the form their Chrome OS portables will take.

16 February 2014

Samsung Reportedly Dropping Windows In Favour of Chromebooks

Samsung will halt production of Windows notebooks in 2015 to focus entirely on Chromebooks, a new report has claimed.

28 January 2014

Tegra 4, Intel Bay Trail Chromebooks in Development

Powerful new Chromebooks are in the offing, with models based on Nvidia's latest Tegra 4 chipset and Intel's "Bay Trail" CPUs reportedly under development.

10 November 2013

11-Inch HP Chromebook Outed, Features ‘Beats Audio’, 6.5 Hour Battery

Not content with cornering the 14" Chromebooks market, it seems PC makers HP are prepping a smaller, lighter 11" variant.

7 October 2013

Is A Google Play Music Packaged App In Development?

We've heard that a 'packaged app' version of Google Play Music is being trialled by Chrome devs, offering local music playback and music purchases.

11 September 2013

Chromebook Sales to Rise 300% This Year, ASUS To Join the Fun

Analysts are predicting that sales of Chromebooks, powered by Google's Chrome OS, will rise by as much as 200% in the latter half of this year.

17 July 2013

$35 ‘Chromekey’ To Open Up Wireless Media Streaming Between Chrome & Your TV?

A new device that will allow smartphones, tablets and computers running Chrome to wirelessly stream content on a TV is reportedly on in development by Google.

7 June 2013

Google Tipped To Reveal Spotify Rival at I/O

Google is to unveil a music streaming service at today's I/O event, rumours suggest.

15 May 2013

More Rumours of Android-Powered Laptops Surface

Another leading industry analyst has predicted that Google and other hardware vendors will launch Android powered laptops - so-called 'Androidbook's' - later this year.

10 May 2013

ASUS And Acer To Release New Chromebooks This Summer

ASUS and Acer are gearing up to launch new Chromebooks later this year, according to industry sources.

29 April 2013

Quad-Core Samsung Chromebook Coming In May?

Samsung's Series 3 Chromebook - aka 'The ARM One' - is rumoured to be getting a refresh later this spring, if recent commits to the Chromium code-base are any indication...

8 April 2013