Chrome for iOS Brings ‘Answers in Suggest’

It's now far quicker to find out the weather of a location, the stocks for a company, or answers to common questions, like how old a celebrity is, in Google Chrome for iOS.

16 March 2015
Chrome App Builder

Google’s New ‘Chrome App Builder’ Tool Does What It Says On The Tin

A new 'by Google' Chrome app has surfaced in the Chrome Web Store. Its job: to let users make a Chrome app from a website easy as pie.

13 March 2015

The Newest Chromebox, Chromebase PCs Aren’t For You

If you thought the recent trend for ruggedised and reinforced Chromebooks for the classroom wasn't enough, say hello to the first range of commercial-grade Chrome OS devices aimed at industry.

13 March 2015

Does This New Chromebook Wallpaper Confirm ‘Chrome OS for Kids’?

Among the changes arriving in the most recent Chrome OS Dev channel release is a hidden…wallpaper.

12 March 2015

How To Access Dropbox from the Chromebook File Manager

If you've been hoping to see Dropbox integration on Chromebooks and other Chrome devices you're about to get giddy.

12 March 2015

A Well Made Conundrum: Chromebook Pixel 2 Review Roundup

Impressive — that's the overall feeling early reviewers seem to have of the new Chromebook Pixel 2, which was officially announced by Google on March 11.

12 March 2015

Chrome for Android Adds Pull to Refresh, Beta Gains Background Notifications

Google Chrome for Android has been updated, adding a handy new 'pull to refresh' action and gaining a fresh batch of always welcome bug fixes and security improvements.

12 March 2015

Everything You Need to Know About The Chromebook Pixel 2

The Chromebook Pixel has been updated by Google with a faster processor, more RAM, longer battery and a super-versatile USB Type-C connector. Oh, and a lower price.

11 March 2015

iAnnotate PDF Mark Up Tool Comes to Chromebooks

The popular PDF markup tool iAnnotate is now available on Chrome OS, allowing users to open, read, annotate and save changes to PDF files.

10 March 2015

Acer’s Big Chromebook Shows Big Benchmarks Results

Early Acer Chromebook 15 benchmarks suggest that the world's biggest Chromebook will have the performance to match thanks to Intel's 5th generation chips.

9 March 2015

Google Drive for Android To Add Chromecast Support?

The official Google Drive for Android app could be about to gain Chromecast support, hidden code found inside the latest release suggests.

8 March 2015

How To See Which Apps and Websites Are Wasting Your Chromebook Battery

If you're finding that your Chromebook battery is emptying quickly there are tools to help.

6 March 2015