This Chrome Extension Lets You View Instagram Photos on Twitter

If you miss seeing Instagram embeds on Twitter try this free Chrome extension. It lets you see Instagram photos, rather than links, on the Twitter website.

23 January 2015

Android Development on Chromebooks Could Soon Be Easier

Android development on Chromebooks could soon be easier, as Google looks to make two key features of the Android SDK available on Chrome OS images by default.

23 January 2015

Chrome for Android Hits 40, Adds More Material Design Touches

A new stable release of Google Chrome for Android is now rolling out through the Play Store.

22 January 2015

How to Use WhatsApp on a PC Using Chrome

Popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now available on the PC using a web browser, news sure to delight the thumbs of 600 million active users everywhere.

21 January 2015
acer hardware on show nicely

Acer’s New Education Chromebooks Made Official, Start from $259

Acer has announced two new Chromebooks for education, including the 11-inch C740 and 15-inch C910 with optional Intel Core i3 processor and IPS display.

21 January 2015
Google Chrome for iOS

Chrome for iOS Gains Material Design, Handoff, iPhone 6 Tweaks

A new version of Chrome for iOS is now rolling out to iPhones and iPads through the App Store — and there are major new changes in tow.

20 January 2015

Toshiba Chromebook 2 Hits UK Priced from £220

The popular 13.3-inch Toshiba Chromebook 2 is now available to order on Amazon in the UK from £220.

20 January 2015

Chrome to Mobile Extension Discontinued, Will Stop Working Next Month

Google has announced that it's discontinuing the 'Chrome to Mobile' browser extension as of February 2015, advising the use of Chrome's 'Tab Sync' instead.

20 January 2015

Chrome OS ‘Cloud Import’ Will Let You Backup External Drives to Google Drive

A new feature headed to Chrome OS will let users import and back up files on external hard drives, USB sticks and MTP to Google Drive with a single click.

19 January 2015

These Are The Most Popular Android Apps for Chromebooks

In the four months since the first set of Android apps were added to the Chrome Web Store a further fourteen have appeared — but which apps are proving most popular with Chrome OS users?

18 January 2015

5 Features of Google Keep You Should Start Using

Google Keep is a great app with near-instant sync, collaborative features, and apps for Android, Chrome and the web — but are you getting the most from it?

16 January 2015

Google’s Latest Patent is for an Automatic Incognito Mode

Google has been granted a new patent that could allow private browsing to kick in automatically based on what a user is browsing, without needing to turn it on manually.

15 January 2015