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ASUS and Acer First OEMs to Launch Chrome Devices in Taiwan

Acer and ASUS have become the first OEMs to begin selling Chromebooks and Chromeboxes in Taiwan.

31 October 2014

Acer’s 11.6-Inch Bay Trail Chromebook Now Available on Amazon US

Like the look of the new Acer Chromebook but don't like the Nvidia Tegra processor inside? You're in luck — Amazon US now offers an 11-inch Intel version.

10 October 2014

The First Chrome PC From Acer Announced Priced at $180

Remember hearing Acer planned to launch its first Chrome OS PC? You didn't imagine it; today the computing giant has made the $180 device official.

21 August 2014

Acer Beats Samsung to Become World’s Most Popular Chromebook Maker

More than 1.8 million Chromebooks were shipped worldwide between April and June this year, according to newly released industry figures.

22 July 2014

Acer Debuts New Bay Trail, Nvidia Tegra Chromebooks

They've been teased, trailed and talked about for some time, but today Acer formally confirmed the existence of two brand new Chromebooks and, more surprisingly, its very first Chromebox.

17 July 2014

Acer Bay Trail Chromebook Hands On Video

It continues to be a busy month for Acer, having finally launched their new Intel Core i3-based Chromebooks, their new Bay Trail device has gotten a hands-on.

11 July 2014

Acer Confirms Powerful New Core i3 Chromebooks Coming This Month

Today, after months of teasing, computing giant Acer finally confirmed that Intel Core i3-based Chromebooks will hit store shelves in the US and Canada later this month.

11 July 2014

New, Cheaper 11-inch Acer Chromebook Leaks Online

Details and pricing of yet another new Chromebook from Acer have leaked online, featuring a Bay Trail processor, user-expandable RAM and very tempting price.

7 July 2014

Powerful New Tegra K1 Acer Chromebook Leaks Online

acer chromebookWith a 13.3-inch screen and svelte white form factor, you could be forgiven for thinking that the device shown above is just another run of the mill Chromebook. However, you'd be mistaken.

22 June 2014
Intel Reference Chromebook

Google, Intel Unveil New Bay Trail Chromebooks

Google and Intel have today announced a raft of new Bay Trail based Chromebooks are on the way.

6 May 2014

Acer’s New Intel Core i3 Chromebook To Retail at $349?

How much will the upcoming Intel Core i3 Chromebook from Acer cost? Wonder no more: the recommended price has been revealed in an online article.  Such a notable bump in processing power doesn’t come without an equally notable […]

2 May 2014

Acer Unveils Powerful Intel Core i3 Chromebook

Acer has unveiled a powerful new update to their C720 line of Chromebooks. The as-yet-unnamed model will be powered by an Intel i3 processor and Intel HD4400 graphics. It was unveiled by the Taiwanese company at a […]

29 April 2014