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Revised Acer C7 Chromebook with SSD Gets Outed by Best Buy

According to Best Buy, an SSD-toting Acer C7 Chromebook is on the way...

22 May 2013

ASUS And Acer To Release New Chromebooks This Summer

ASUS and Acer are gearing up to launch new Chromebooks later this year, according to industry sources.

29 April 2013

Acer Update C7 Chromebook with 4GB RAM & 6 Hours Battery Life

Acer has today released a revised version of their C7 Chromebook. RAM is upgraded to 4GB and battery life has increased to 6 hours. Available today for $279.99

12 March 2013

Its Pixel Perfect! But Is It Right for The Market?

Will the latest Chromebook device succeed? Or is the Pixel destined to go the way of the Nexus Q? In this editorial, will dive into the pixel.

23 February 2013

Strong Acer Chromebook sales, Chrome OS future looks bright

Acer released its second Chromebook, the C7, back in November 2012. Acer's President Jim Wong reports that the Acer C7 has sold 50,000 units to date.

28 January 2013

New Chrome OS Devices for Early 2013 [Updated]

Today, both Acer and Lenovo have announced that they will be releasing new Chrome OS devices within the new few weeks. Lenovo enters this market for the first time with their own Chromebook, while Acer adds a Chromebox to their Chrome OS line-up.

17 January 2013
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Acer’s New Chromebook Unveiled, Priced at $199

A mere day after images of it leaked online the new Acer Chromebook has been formally announced. And boy is it cheap.

12 November 2012

Images of Acer’s 2nd Gen Chromebook Leak Online

Images of Acer's second-generation Chromebook have reportedly been leaked online. Spanish tech blog Minimachines purports to show the device, dubbed the AC710 although doesn't provide any details beyond this.

11 November 2012

Second-Gen Acer Chromebook Coming October

Thought Chromebooks were dead? Think again. Acer are reported to be prepping a second-generation Chromebook for release in mid-October, based on news given to Taiwanese hardware blog DigiTimes.

17 September 2012