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Offline? Chrome Will Soon Let You Load Websites from Cache

Google Chrome will soon allow you to read certain webpages without an internet connection. How? By loading them from the cache when connection issues arise.

18 August 2014

Three Gestures You (Probably) Don’t Use in Chrome on Android

Consider yourself to be a clued-up user of Google Chrome for Android? So did I...until I discovered the following gestures that make using the browser a teeny tiny bit easier on equally teeny tiny screens.

29 July 2014

‘Undo Close Tab’ Among New Features in Latest Chrome for Android Release

Google Chrome for Android has hit version 35, bringing with it an easy way to reopen accidentally closed web pages and control in-tab video.

21 May 2014

One Quick Tweak That Will Speed Up Chrome for Android

If Google Chrome for Android feels laggy, slow or stuttery on your smartphone or tablet try the following simple tweak to give the browser more memory.

23 April 2014

Chrome Continues Stealing Mobile Marketshare from AOSP Android Browser

The latest mobile browser tracking stats from Net Market Share shows a modest gain for Chrome on Android and iOS for the period of March 1 to March 31, 2014, but at the expense of the AOSP Android browser.

11 April 2014

Experimental Chromecast Support Added to Chrome for Android Beta

The latest beta build of Google Chrome for Android includes experimental support for Chromecast.

4 March 2014

Google Chrome for Android 33 Released, Minor Fixes Onboard

Keep an eye out for the latest update to Google Chrome for Android, rolling out to the Play Store in the next few days.

26 February 2014

How Good Is Chrome’s Bandwidth Saving Feature on Android and iOS? Help Us Find Out

The latest stable release of Google Chrome on Android and iOS features a new feature to ‘reduce data usage’ – but how good can it really be? Google claim that, when enabled, the ‘data compression […]

21 January 2014

Chrome Beta for Android Removes 300 Millisecond Click Delay

Users of the Chrome Beta app for Android will no longer suffer from the 300ms delay in most mobile browsers.

13 December 2013

Chrome Packaged Apps Coming to Android, iOS

Chrome Packaged Apps could be up and running on Android and iOS as early as January 2014, according to newly discovered developer documentation from Google.

3 December 2013

Chrome for Android Showcases Redesigned ‘New Tab Page’

A revamped 'New Tab Page' is on show in the latest beta of Chrome for Android. The new design is cleaner and more spacious, with some features now hidden.

29 October 2013

Chrome for Android Updated with Full Screen Tablet Browsing and Page Translations

Chrome for Android has been updated to version 28, adding support for Full Screen browsing for tablets and support for web page language translations.

10 July 2013