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How To Switch to Beta or Dev Channels on Chrome OS

I get it. You’ve had your Chromebook for a couple of months and now you want to see what features and changes are coming up. The good news is that Google make it very, very […]

16 September 2013
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Essential Guide: 10 Useful Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Use these 10 Chromebook keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow and become more productive. These shortcut keys are easy to learn, and hands to know.

19 June 2013
chromeos error screen

How To Create a Chromebook Recovery Image

When Google set out to create Chrome OS, it was designed to be very stable and require no maintenance from the user, however, nothing is flawless In this How-To, we show you how to create a recovery disk for your Chrome device.

26 January 2013