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[Video] Christmas for Everyone

Google has released a new wave of commercials for their various products and services, including a new festive Chrome commercial. Watch it here!

22 December 2012

The New Chrome Campaign That is “For Everyone”

Grab your camera and capture something cool, upload it to Google's website and become part of their new campaign, "Gallery For Everyone".

20 November 2012
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Acer’s New Chromebook Unveiled, Priced at $199

A mere day after images of it leaked online the new Acer Chromebook has been formally announced. And boy is it cheap.

12 November 2012

Images of Acer’s 2nd Gen Chromebook Leak Online

Images of Acer's second-generation Chromebook have reportedly been leaked online. Spanish tech blog Minimachines purports to show the device, dubbed the AC710 although doesn't provide any details beyond this.

11 November 2012

Google Announce $249/£229 ARM Chromebook

Google have today (October 18th) announced the availability of a new $249 Chromebook. The device is powered by an ARM processor, one of the key enablers of the lower-than-usual price.

18 October 2012

Second-Gen Acer Chromebook Coming October

Thought Chromebooks were dead? Think again. Acer are reported to be prepping a second-generation Chromebook for release in mid-October, based on news given to Taiwanese hardware blog DigiTimes.

17 September 2012
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Newly Released Chrome OS 21 Adds Minor UI Tweaks

The stable channel of Chrome OS has been updated to version 21 and is rolling out to Chromebooks in the next several days. There are some minor visual tweaks to the user interface here and there, as well as bug fixes.  We've got the details inside!

21 August 2012

Chromebooks Land at BestBuy, Dixons Stores

A long time overdue: Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are finally going to land into hundreds of retail stores across the US and the United Kingdom. The news, delivered at day two of Google's annual I/O conference, will be the first retail presence for a ChromeOS device.

28 June 2012
Samsung Chromebook and Chromebox

Google Officially Introduce ‘Faster’ Chromebook, Chromebox

Google have formally announced the release of Samsung's new Chromebook and Chromebox devices, both of which are available to order from today.

29 May 2012

2nd Gen Samsung ChromeBook Priced to Fail

A day after the interesting - if disappointingly priced - Samsung Chromebox "leaked" online the second generation of Samsung's portable device has also followed suit. But if the pricing of the Chromebox made you draw breath, you'll want to reach for the oxygen before continuing...

24 May 2012