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Chromebooks now available in Australia

Chromebooks have finally made their way down under, with the Samsung Chromebook and Acer C7 available to purchase from today.

18 March 2013

[How To] Add Swap Memory to your Chromebook

Majority of Chromebooks are limited to 2GB RAM, with no option to upgrade the memory. With a dozen tabs open, you can easily fill your available memory. In this How-To, we will show you how to increase your available memory.

17 March 2013

Acer Update C7 Chromebook with 4GB RAM & 6 Hours Battery Life

Acer has today released a revised version of their C7 Chromebook. RAM is upgraded to 4GB and battery life has increased to 6 hours. Available today for $279.99

12 March 2013

Its Pixel Perfect! But Is It Right for The Market?

Will the latest Chromebook device succeed? Or is the Pixel destined to go the way of the Nexus Q? In this editorial, will dive into the pixel.

23 February 2013

Chromebook Pixel: Full Spec Sheet

With the Chromebook Pixel’s official launch yesterday, we finally have the completed specs of Google’s halo device. Screen 12.85″ display with a 3:2 aspect ratio 2560 x 1700 at 239 PPI 400 nit screen brightness 178° […]

22 February 2013

It’s Official! Chromebook Pixel, Google’s first Chromebook.

It has been rumoured for many weeks. Leaked advert, touchscreen features added to Chrome OS and code directly referencing the “Link” device. Today, Google has finally released the Chromebook Pixel, Google’s first Chromebook.  Chromebooks have […]

21 February 2013

Google Advertising Chromebook in Chrome New Tab Page

Google are once again display adverts for their Chromebook's on Google Chrome's 'New Tab' page. And what a billboard that is: there are over 300 million active users of Google Chrome.

18 February 2013

Strong Acer Chromebook sales, Chrome OS future looks bright

Acer released its second Chromebook, the C7, back in November 2012. Acer's President Jim Wong reports that the Acer C7 has sold 50,000 units to date.

28 January 2013

HP Chromebook Revealed in Leaked Spec Sheet [Update]

A few weeks into 2013, it appears Google is turning the heat up on its Chrome OS platform with Lenovo releasing their first Chromebook last week. It now appears HP is set to do same with its first Chromebook.

28 January 2013

New Chrome OS Devices for Early 2013 [Updated]

Today, both Acer and Lenovo have announced that they will be releasing new Chrome OS devices within the new few weeks. Lenovo enters this market for the first time with their own Chromebook, while Acer adds a Chromebox to their Chrome OS line-up.

17 January 2013

Getting Started with your Chromebook

The holidays are now over and many of you may have received a Chromebook for Christmas. Welcome to the world of Google's desktop operating system. I have written this guide to help new Chromebook users to get up and running with their new device, it may also provide some tips for you Chromebook veterans.

5 January 2013

How To Set Up GiffGaff 3G on a Chromebook

UK mobile network GiffGaff offer some deliciously tempting data-only deals which are perfect for using with Chrome OS. With a trip coming up I need to have 'on the go' internet access so I can work. So I've decided to take my 3G-toting Samsung Chromebook Series 5. But how do you set-up GiffGaff 3G to work with a Chromebook? Is it even possible? Thankfully it is...

31 December 2012