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There’s A New Way To Use Google Hangouts In Your Browser

Google Hangouts is now available through the browser, meaning you don't need to download an app, install an extension or open Gmail to start chatting.

18 August 2015

Messaging App Line Is Now Available on Chrome

Popular mobile messaging service LINE launches an official Chrome App, making its service readily available on Chromebooks and desktop PCs.

29 July 2015

Single Window Mode Added To Chrome Hangouts App

Google has updated the desktop Hangouts app with a brand new look.

22 May 2015

Hangouts for Chrome Adds Google Voice Integration, Chat Notifications

I love the "new" Google Hangouts Chrome App launched back in October. It's arguably the best way to experience Hangouts on a Chromebook, and looks the business on Windows, too.

12 December 2014

Using Google Hangouts in Chrome Just Got Seriously Cool

Using Google Hangouts on your desktop, laptop and Chromebook just got seriously cool, with the release of a brand new Chrome App for Windows and Chrome OS.

9 October 2014

Google Hangouts Plugin No Longer Needed in Chrome

The Google+ Hangouts plugin is longer needed for video and voice chat to function in Chrome, as Google continues to dial back reliance on NPAPI plugins.

1 July 2014

How To Enable The New Google ‘Hangouts’ in GMail

If you don't yet have Hangouts in Gmail but want it, here's how to manually turn it on.

20 May 2013