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Chrome for Android Showcases Redesigned ‘New Tab Page’

A revamped 'New Tab Page' is on show in the latest beta of Chrome for Android. The new design is cleaner and more spacious, with some features now hidden.

29 October 2013

Don’t Like Chrome’s Revamped New Tab Page? Here’s How Switch Back to The Old Design

Google's updated 'New Tab Page' for Chrome aims to make things easier for you - but if you don't like it you can switch it off - and here's how.

1 October 2013

Google Updates Homepage With New Logo and App Launcher

In the first major overhaul since the introduction of a 'black nav bar' back in June 2011, Google has changed the way many of its core services are accessed from search pages.

22 September 2013

Google Launcher Starts Showing Up in Chrome New Tab Page

If you're running a bleeding edge version of Google Chrome (be it dev, chromium or Canary) then take a peek at the New Tab page: there's something different.

27 May 2013

Google’s Russian ‘New Tab’ Page for Chrome – A Hint At What’s to Come For Us All?

Is There More to This Localised Add-On for Chrome Than Meets The Eye? We Think So...

1 April 2013

Chrome Dev Channel Revamps ‘New Tab’ Page

If you're on the Chrome Dev channel do me a favour - open up a new tab. See a difference? Chances are you might.

20 March 2013

‘Currently’ Time and Weather – Chrome Extension Review

In this weeks review, I'll be taking a look at a simple and minimalistic time and weather extension that may be worth installing, if you'd rather not look outside the window for up-to-the-second weather (jokes, of course).

17 September 2012

Add An ‘Awesome New Tab Page’ to Chrome

Fancy more customizability and a splash of colour to your New Tab page? Then read as we take a look at the 'Awesome New Tab Page' extension for Google Chrome!

3 September 2012