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Embark Is a Minimalist, Photographic New Tab Page for Chrome

Chrome New Tab Page replacements aren't exactly hard to come by, offering to add to-do lists, weather report and even interactive social features to what is, for many, an otherwise boring start page.

22 September 2014
pinterest logo

Pinterest Launch Official Chrome New Tab Page Extension

A new Chrome extension from popular social sharing site Pinterest aims to make the New Tab Page a little more 'pin-teresting'.

8 September 2014

Chrome Gains a ‘Bing’ New Tab Page — Courtesy of Microsoft

An improved Bing search experience is coming to Google Chrome — and it's all thanks to Microsoft.

4 May 2014
Instagram Logo Tile

‘Instatabs’ Turns Chrome New Tab Page into Interactive Instagram Feed

Love Instagram and want an easy way to keep track of what the people you follow are up to? This new tab page for Chrome may be just what you're looking for.

9 March 2014

‘New Tab Reloaded’ Extension Recreates Chrome’s Old Tab Page

Don't like the new-look New Tab Page in Chrome? Unless Google relent, the following extension is as near as you're going to get to having it back.

2 March 2014
spot new tab page running in chrome

Spots – A Chrome New Tab Page With Tight Android Integration

With the recent retirement of the "old" New Tab Page in Google Chrome being greeted less enthusiasm than the recent revival of Heroes, chances are many of you will be on the hunt for a replacement.

25 February 2014
The new tab page on the Nexus 10

Google Chrome Retires Old ‘New Tab Page’ Option

The option to re-enable the old-look New Tab Page in Google Chrome was removed in the most recent update to the stable channel. As of Chrome 33, a redesigned landing page, which features smaller thumbnails, […]

21 February 2014

Momentum Adds Inspiration and Focus to Chrome’s New Tab Page

The stark white backdrop to Google Chrome's new tab page is hardly the most inspiring of backgrounds. If it leaves you feeling cold, you may want to try adding Momentum.

18 January 2014

iChrome New Tab Page for Chrome – Part iGoogle, Part Google Now

Part iGoogle, part Google Now, iChrome serves up a wealth of info, handy tools and quick links every time you open a new tab.

12 January 2014