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Hi-Res Samsung Chromebook 2 Images Shows Leather Look In Better Detail

The Samsung Chromebook 2 was formally announced this week to much attention — but not for the usual reasons.

5 March 2014

Samsung Chromebook 2 Officially Unveiled With 8-Core Processor, Double the RAM of Rivals

After months of rumours and a weekend of leaks Samsung has announced the successor to the Samsung Chromebook, the most popular Chromebook so far.

3 March 2014

Samsung Chromebook 2 Prices Start At $320, Says Latest Leak

Were the Samsung Chromebook 2 a boat it would be careering towards the bottom of the ocean with gusto about now as the leaks just keep on coming...

3 March 2014

Leather-Clad Samsung Chromebook 2 On The Way

Is a leather-clad Samsung Chromebook in the offing? Based on a recently leaked image from a reliable source, the answer is a firm "yes".

2 March 2014

‘Samsung Chromebook 2’ Listed for Pre-Order on B&H Website

Pre-orders for two new Samsung Chromebook models have appeared on the American B&H Photo Video store website.

23 February 2014

Samsung Reportedly Dropping Windows In Favour of Chromebooks

Samsung will halt production of Windows notebooks in 2015 to focus entirely on Chromebooks, a new report has claimed.

28 January 2014

Samsung ARM Chromebook Refresh Slated for 2014

The much anticipated refresh to the ever popular Samsung Series 3 Chromebook will be arriving in 2014.

31 December 2013

Chromebooks Discounted Across the Internet – Here Are The Best Deals

Thinking of buying a Chromebook? Here's a round-up of some of the best Chromebook deals and discounts available right now in both the US and the UK.

15 July 2013

Mid-Range Samsung Chromebook Discontinued, Replacement Unlikely

Samsung released its second-generation Chromebook, Series 5 550, last year with many expecting an updated mid-range Chromebook coming this month. Samsung have today confirmed that this is not the case.

20 June 2013

Quad-Core Samsung Chromebook Coming In May?

Samsung's Series 3 Chromebook - aka 'The ARM One' - is rumoured to be getting a refresh later this spring, if recent commits to the Chromium code-base are any indication...

8 April 2013

Its Pixel Perfect! But Is It Right for The Market?

Will the latest Chromebook device succeed? Or is the Pixel destined to go the way of the Nexus Q? In this editorial, will dive into the pixel.

23 February 2013

Google Announce $249/£229 ARM Chromebook

Google have today (October 18th) announced the availability of a new $249 Chromebook. The device is powered by an ARM processor, one of the key enablers of the lower-than-usual price.

18 October 2012