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Samsung Readies Chromebook 2 for Release

Samsung said to expect an April release for the 2nd-gen version of their ARM-based Chromebook and it looks like they're sticking to their word.

28 March 2014

Samsung Says New Chromebook 225-Percent Faster Than Previous Model

Planning to upgrade from the first-gen Samsung Chromebook to the latest, 8-core version? If so, you're in for a big jump in power according to Samsung.

23 March 2014

Samsung, HP To Launch All-In-One Chrome PCs This Year?

Digitimes, the oracle of technology future, has spoken: more all-in-one Chrome OS PCs are on the way, this time from Samsung and HP.

14 March 2014

Hi-Res Samsung Chromebook 2 Images Shows Leather Look In Better Detail

The Samsung Chromebook 2 was formally announced this week to much attention — but not for the usual reasons.

5 March 2014

Samsung Chromebook 2 Officially Unveiled With 8-Core Processor, Double the RAM of Rivals

After months of rumours and a weekend of leaks Samsung has announced the successor to the Samsung Chromebook, the most popular Chromebook so far.

3 March 2014

Samsung Chromebook 2 Prices Start At $320, Says Latest Leak

Were the Samsung Chromebook 2 a boat it would be careering towards the bottom of the ocean with gusto about now as the leaks just keep on coming...

3 March 2014

Leather-Clad Samsung Chromebook 2 On The Way

Is a leather-clad Samsung Chromebook in the offing? Based on a recently leaked image from a reliable source, the answer is a firm "yes".

2 March 2014

‘Samsung Chromebook 2’ Listed for Pre-Order on B&H Website

Pre-orders for two new Samsung Chromebook models have appeared on the American B&H Photo Video store website.

23 February 2014

Samsung Reportedly Dropping Windows In Favour of Chromebooks

Samsung will halt production of Windows notebooks in 2015 to focus entirely on Chromebooks, a new report has claimed.

28 January 2014