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Notification Centre Settings Arrive in Chrome Dev on Mac

Notification Centre in Chrome Canary

Mac Google Chrome Canary users on the dev channel may be pleased to learn that the new Notification Centre finally has settings.

The ability to choose which sites can deliver notifications had been missing from the feature since it debuted on the Canary channel almost a month ago.

But in an update to the Dev channel today clicking the ‘cog’ icon inside the Notification Centre on OS X will now open the settings view.

Unlike Chrome OS, where the settings open in a new window, it is implemented directly into the Notification Centre menu itself.  The ‘in-menu’ approach will be added to Chrome OS and Windows in the coming weeks.

The feature is also available in Google Chrome Canary builds. Canary can be safely installed alongside your existing stable, beta or dev version of Chrome.

Download Google Chrome Canary for Mac

  • MickeyJayDee

    Have you actually seen any notifications come through?. I have Tweetdeck which is supposed to get notifications but nothing has come through, Google Play (Music) again nothing, Clearly, save to Google Drive, Hangouts again all of them send no notifications. When it first came out I got some notifications for Gmail but since the new style inbox with all the tabs it has stopped sending me messages. Ok I appreciate it is on Canary and some things won’t work as they should but I would have expected some notifications to come through.

    • I do get Gmail toasts, but on as the “older” webkit notifications shown in the new style. And they bypass the Notification Centre entirely.

      But you hit the nail on the head: this is in canary. Once it hits Stable Google will be able to enable rich notifications for their services.