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New Look ‘Incognito Mode’ Heading to Google Chrome

A refreshed version of the Chrome incognito mode new tab page is being tested by Google, featuring a flatter, brighter look and a brand new 'spy' icon.

1 May 2014

Google Trial ‘Ok Google’ Voice Search In Chrome Omnibar

Google are working on integrating "OK, Google" voice search technology directly into Chrome - no more need for extensions.

24 January 2014

New Chrome Feature Will Let Users Create Custom Hosted Apps

Chrome developers have added an easy way to create Hosted Apps for all of your favourite sites in the latest Chromium builds.

18 December 2013

Aura Update Brings Visual Enhancements to Chrome

Even though Google has been bringing features, performance and technology updates to Chrome regularly, the interface hasn't seen much change since the first version of Chrome.

8 September 2013

Chromium Improves Packaged App Support on Mac OS X

Mac Chrome users can expect to find improved support for Packaged Apps under OS X.

31 May 2013

Google Fork Webkit, Announce Project ‘Blink’ for Chrome

The Chromium team today announced a new rendering engine for the project called Blink.

3 April 2013