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How to Disable Chrome Tabs from Showing in Android 5.0 Overview

Google drops a sweet treat in the laps of Nexus owners (among others) this week, as it rolls out the latest release of Android 5.0, nicknamed 'Lollipop'.

13 November 2014

Google Play Music Adds New FullScreen Visualizer

Fancy looking at something pretty while listening to your favourite tracks on Google Play Music? Well, now you can.

2 November 2014

How to Quickly Add ‘Reader Mode’ Feature to Google Chrome

Safari's "reader mode" feature has, quite rightfully, won plenty of plaudits over the years, making the arrival of a similar option in the latest beta builds of Chrome for Android warmly welcomed.

1 November 2014

How To Make Your Chromebook Ask for Password on Wake

The long battery life on a Chromebook affords the lazy among us a luxury: close the lid, put it to one side, return a few days later, open and resume.

7 October 2014

Netflix Newbie? Here’s How to Use it on Chrome, Chromebook and Chromecast

New to Netflix? If so, here's a primer on how best to use the streaming video service with your collection of Chrome devices. Here's a handy how-to to help.

5 October 2014

How to Change Chrome OS Channel in Latest Dev Builds

If you've updated to the latest Chrome OS Dev channel you may be wondering how you access the 'About' page and its channel switching options. Here's how.

2 October 2014
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This Hack Lets You Run Any Android App on Your Chromebook

It's barely been a week since Google announced the first crop of Android apps to run on Chrome OS. Now, a hack that allows virtually any Android app to be installed has been detailed.

17 September 2014

Enable This Flag in Chrome for Android to Find Answers Fast

Quiz heads and trivia hounds: if you have Google Chrome for Android installed on your mobile or tablet there's a nifty experimental feature you're going to love.

15 September 2014

Google Chrome 64-bit for Windows Now Stable, Here’s How To Get It

The release of Google Chrome v37 on the stable channel brings Windows users more than nicer looking fonts. It also brings with it the first stable 64-bit builds.

28 August 2014
Chrome First Aid

How To Fix ‘Update Failed (Error 7)’ Issue on Chrome Windows

Egads! Is Chrome refusing to update on Windows? Chances are you're experiencing the infamous Chrome Error 7 issue. Well, don't fret: here's the fix!

8 August 2014
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Essential Guide: Stop Google Chrome from Running in the Background on Windows

While Google gets to work fixing the Chrome battery drain issue affecting Windows users, an easy interim solution may help preserve laptop battery life in the meantime.

22 July 2014

How To Lock Your Chrome Session When Sharing Your Laptop

If you're on the hunt for a safer way to share your computer while protecting your privacy, this neat new Chrome feature is worth checking out.

16 July 2014