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[How To] Install the Google+ Photos App ‘Pulsar’

If you’re any kind of Chromie fanboy worth his pixels, you have probably already come across the new Google+ Photos App, ‘Pulsar’. But have you tried it yet?

4 March 2013
chromeos error screen

How To Create a Chromebook Recovery Image

When Google set out to create Chrome OS, it was designed to be very stable and require no maintenance from the user, however, nothing is flawless In this How-To, we show you how to create a recovery disk for your Chrome device.

26 January 2013

[How To] Create a Chrome Web App

Google Chrome has an excellent way to quickly access your favourite Web Apps, in this How-To, I show you how to create your own App.

9 January 2013

How To Set Up GiffGaff 3G on a Chromebook

UK mobile network GiffGaff offer some deliciously tempting data-only deals which are perfect for using with Chrome OS. With a trip coming up I need to have 'on the go' internet access so I can work. So I've decided to take my 3G-toting Samsung Chromebook Series 5. But how do you set-up GiffGaff 3G to work with a Chromebook? Is it even possible? Thankfully it is...

31 December 2012
An all-new YouTube

[How To] Get the New Look YouTube

So you read our previous post and would like to get your mitts on the new YouTube design? We hear you..

23 October 2012

[How To] Enable Right-Side Chat in Gmail

I'm a heavy Google+ user and I tend to switch between Gmail and Plus often and because of this, the Google Chat box jumps from left (Gmail) and right (Google+). I show you how to move the chat box to the right for easier access and better visual consistency.

2 October 2012

[How To] Join the HTML5 Video Trial on YouTube

Did you know that you don't have to settle for Flash on YouTube? Read on as we show you this quick how-to on how to enable HTML5 to enhance your YouTube experience...

25 September 2012

Enable HTML5 in Google Play Music for a Faster Experience

If you use Google's online music service Google Play Music you may have noticed that it's not the fastest or most responsive of 'web apps'. But there is a super quick fix to speed things up: switch to the HTML5 version of Google Play Music.

8 June 2012
Chrome to Kindle

[How To] Send Web Articles from Chrome to Your Kindle

Reading long-form articles on a computer screen isn't the greatest experience, neither is seeing something you want to read when you're in a hurry. But, for Kindle owners, there's a Chrome extension that lets you push articles and blog posts from Chrome over to your Kindle - no wires needed.

29 May 2012