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From 1 to 300 Million: Chrome at Google I/O in Numbers

Google I/O 2014 did more than showcase a bevy of new features for Chrome and Chromecast — it also gave us with cold, hard stats to underline its successes.

27 June 2014

What’s In Store for Google Chrome at I/O 2014?

It's June which means that the collective attention of the internet is now deeply focused on trying to predict what Google will reveal at the annual I/O developer conference.

24 June 2014

Three Tempting Reasons To Buy The New Samsung Chromebook 2

Can the new Chrome OS notebook from Samsung repeat the success of its predecessor? We take a look at three areas it excels in.

6 June 2014

What Happens To Files When the Google Drive Chromebook Offer Ends?

Google offers every new Chromebook owner 100GB of free online storage space for two years — but what happens to your files once the offer expires?

5 June 2014

Full Specifications of ASUS C200 Chromebook

Full specifications for the ASUS C200 Chromebook have been listed in an official sales sheet — revealing a surprising addition that will help it stand out.

6 May 2014

Five Features Missing from Google’s Chrome OS

Google's Chrome OS has come a long, long way in just a few short years — but is it as good as it can be?

24 March 2014
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Truly For Everyone: 20 Instagram Photos of Chromebooks In Everyday Use

Google’s extensive advertising campaign billed the Chromebook as the ‘for everyone‘ computer, a device that grandpas to grandkids could all use to surf, socialise and work with ease. But just how popular with ‘everyone’ has the cloud-centric […]

10 March 2014

9 New Features Coming to Chrome OS — From Trackpad Gestures to Multi-Profile Sessions

Chrome OS auto-updates make it hard to discover new features as they arrive. We've highlighted a few being tested on the Beta and Dev channels that you can look forward to in the coming months.

3 March 2014

Are These The Most Misinformed Chromebook Reviews on Amazon?

When I'm about to drop some money on new tech I tend to at least read the product description before I hit 'Buy'. Sadly for the Chromebook, some users don't.

1 March 2014

Have You Played With These Google Chrome Easter Eggs?

Inside you'll find a list of little easter eggs (or, 'hidden features' if you're pedantically inclined) available on Google Chrome and Chrome OS.

27 February 2014

5 iPhone Apps That Now Support Google Chromecast Streaming

It may have only been a few short weeks since Google released the Chromecast SDK but the number of mobile apps making use of the streaming tech has grown phenomenally.

26 February 2014
Chrome First Aid

Browser First Aid: Fixes for Five Common Problems in Chrome

When you next run into a problem with Chrome – be it restoring tab or fixing a corrupt profile – one of the following simple tips could help you out.

24 February 2014